On This Day in History for March 28

Events in History

  • 37 Roman Emperor Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus Germanicus, better known as Caligula (which means "little soldier's boots"), accepts the titles of the Principate, entitled to him by the Senate
  • 193 Roman Emperor Pertinax is assassinated by his Praetorian Guards, who then sell the throne in an auction to Didius Julianus
  • 364 Roman Emperor Valentinian I appoints his brother Flavius Valens co-emperor
  • 519 Pope Hormisdas reunites the Eastern and Western church, ending the Acacian schism in a ceremony in the cathedral of Constantinople
  • 1535 Bloemkamp Abbey (Oldeklooster) attacked & destroyed in Friesland
  • 1556 Origin of Fasli Era (India)
  • 1556 Philip II of Spain is formally crowned King of Spain
  • 1566 Foundation stone laid for the new city of La Valletta in Malta by Knights Hospitaller Grand Master Jean de Valette
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Weddings in History

Divorces in History

  • 1849 Dutch princess Marianne & Prince Albert of Prussia separate

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