On This Day in History for March 7

Events in History

  • 161 Roman Emperor Antoninus Pius dies and is succeeded by co-Emperors Marcus Aurelius and Lucius Verus, an unprecedented political arrangement in the Roman Empire
  • 321 Roman Emperor Constantine I decrees that the dies Solis Invicti (sun-day) is the day of rest in the Empire
  • 1138 Conrad II von Hohenstaufen re-elected German king
  • 1277 Condemnation of 219 philosophical and theological theses by Stephen Tempier, Bishop of Paris
  • 1530 English King Henry VIII's divorce request is denied by the Pope
  • 1560 Christian fleet under Gian Andrea lands at Djerba, North Africa
  • 1573 Turkey & Venice sign peace treaty
  • 1621 John Pieterszoon Coen's troops land on Lontor, East Indies
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