On This Day in History for May 17 (Part 2)

Events in History

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  • 1957 School desegregation law, Brown v Board of education
  • 1958 Emergency crisis proclaimed in Algeria
  • 1960 1st atomic reactor system patented by J W Flora of Canoga Park, California

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1961 Fidel Castro offers to exchange Bay of Pigs prisoners for 500 bulldozers

Cuban Revolutionary and President Fidel Castro
Cuban Revolutionary and President
Fidel Castro
  • 1962 Marin County withdraws from BART district
  • 1963 US performs nuclear Test at Nevada Test Site
  • 1967 Dylan's 1965 UK Tour is released as film "Don't Look Back"
  • 1967 The Butler Act, a Tennessee statue prohibiting the teaching of evolution, is repealed after 42 years
  • 1968 European Space Research Org launches 1st satellite
  • 1968 Frank Howard belts record 8th HR in 5th straight game
  • 1968 US performs nuclear Test at Nevada Test Site
  • 1969 Russian probe Venera 6 landed on Venus
  • 1971 Washington State bans sex discrimination
  • 1972 Netherlands & People's Republic of China exchange ambassadors
  • 1972 The Irish Republican Army (IRA) fires on workers leaving the Mackies engineering works in west Belfast (Although the factory was sited in a Catholic area it had an almost entirely Protestant workforce)
  • 1973 Joe Ferguson, hits the 6,000th Dodger home run
  • 1973 Senate Watergate Committee begins its hearings
  • 1973 US performs 3 nuclear tests at Rifle Colorado
  • 1973 Five British Army soldiers are killed by a Provisional Irish Republican Army booby-trap bomb in Omagh, County Tyrone
  • 1974 Dmitri Shostakovitch completes his 15th String quartet
  • 1974 Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF) explode four bombs in Republic of Ireland, killing 33 civilians, wounding 300 (highest number of casualties in a single incident during "The Troubles")
  • 1975 10CC releases "I'm Not in Love"

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1975 Mick Jagger punches a restaurant window, gets 20 stitches

Rock Star Mick Jagger
Rock Star
Mick Jagger
  • 1976 Earthquake in Uzbekistan: thousands killed

Electoral defeatElection of Interest

1977 Menachem Begin's Likoed party wins election in Israel

Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin
Israeli Prime Minister
Menachem Begin
  • 1978 Lee Lacy hits record 3rd consecutive pinch-hit home run
  • 1979 -12°F (-11°C), on top of Mauna Kea, Hawaii (state record)
  • 1979 Emmy 6th Daytime Award presentation
  • 1980 V. S. Kumar Anandan from Sri Lanka balances on one foot for 33 hours (Guinness World Record)
  • 1980 Major race riot in Miami Florida - 16 killed, 300 injured
  • 1983 Israel & Lebanon sign a peace treaty

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1984 Prince Charles calls proposed addition to the National Gallery, London, a "monstrous carbuncle on the face of a much-loved and elegant friend," sparking controversy on the role of the Royal Family and course of modern architecture.

Prince of Wales Prince Charles
Prince of Wales
Prince Charles
  • 1985 Les Anderson, catches record 97 lb 4 oz Chinook Salmon, off Alaska
  • 1986 "Chicken Song" by Spitting Image hits #1 on the UK pop chart
  • 1987 USS Stark hit by Iraqi missiles, 37 sailors die
  • 1989 Longest Cab Ride Ever: 14,000 miles costs $16,000!

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1989 Nelson Mandela receives a BA from University of South Africa

Anti-apartheid activist and South African President Nelson Mandela
Anti-apartheid activist and South African President
Nelson Mandela
  • 1990 Dow Jones avg hits a record 2,831.71
  • 1990 European court rules on pension rights for men & women
  • 1990 WIBC Bowling Queens won by Patty Ann
  • 1990 World Health Organization takes homosexuality out of its list of mental illnesses
  • 1992 Expos Gary Carter is 3rd to catch 2,000 games (joins Boone & Fisk)
  • 1993 Intel's new Pentium processor is unveiled
  • 1993 "Chattahoochee" single released by Alan Jackson (CMA Award Single of the Year, Billboard Song of the Year 1993)
  • 1994 Bakili Muluzi's UDF wins Malawi presidents/parliamentary election
  • 1997 WIBC Bowling Queens won by Sandra Jo Shiery-Odom
  • 1997 Troops loyal to Laurent Kabila march into Kinshasa.
  • 2000 In the Philippines an explosion rocks Glorietta 2 injuring 13 persons, mostly teenagers. According to local authorities, the homemade bomb was placed in front of a toilet beside a video arcade.

Event of interestEvent of Interest

2001 US President George W. Bush calls for reduced regulations to encourage more oil, gas, and nuclear production

43rd US President George W. Bush
43rd US President
George W. Bush
  • 2004 Massachusetts becomes the first U.S. state to legalize same-sex marriage
  • 2006 The aircraft carrier USS Oriskany is sunk in the Gulf of Mexico to be an artificial reef

  • 2007 Trains from North and South Korea cross the 38th Parallel in a test-run agreed by both governments. This is the first time that trains have crossed the Demilitarized Zone since 1953.
  • 2009 Video game Minecraft is first released to the public while in development
  • 2013 90 people are killed and 200 are injured after a series of bombings across Iraq
  • 2014 Atlético Madrid win the 2013–14 La Liga
  • 2014 Bayern Munich defeats Borussia Dortmund to win the 2013–14 DFB-Pokal
  • 2014 The center-right Hindu Nationalist Party, the BJP, wins landslide election victory in India
  • 2014 St Johnstone FC win the Scottish Cup for 1st time in 130 years, defeating Dundee United 2-0
  • 2015 A mudslide hits the alpine town of Salgar in Western Colombia killing over 50 people
  • 2015 Gun fight between rival biker gangs and police in Waco, Texas leaves 9 dead and 18 injured. 170 later arrested for organised crime.
  • 2015 Canada defeats Russia to win gold at the 2015 IIHF World Championship
  • 2015 Melbourne Victory FC defeats Sydney FC to win the Australian A-League

Birthdays in History

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  • 1975 Jonti Picking, British cartoonist
  • 1978 Paddy Kenny, Irish goalkeeper
  • 1980 Davor Džalto, Serbian art historian
  • 1984 Christine Robinson, Canadian water polo player

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