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On This Day in History for November 21 (Part 2)

Events in History

  • 2012 An Israel and Hamas ceasefire is negotiated
  • 2013 31 people are killed by a truck bomb in northeaster Iraq
  • 2013 The Alabama parole board grants posthumous pardons to three members of the Scottsboro boys
  • 2013 54 people are killed after the roof of a supermarket collapses in Riga, Latvia
  • 2016 India celebrates 50th anniversary of IR8, rice variety specially bred that saved much of Asia from famine

ZimbabweRobert Mugabe Ousted

2017 Robert Mugabe's resignation after 37 years in power is read out in Zimbabwe's parliaments during impeachment proceedings

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Protestors in Harare, Zimbabwe, demonstrate against longtime dictator Robert Mugabe
Protestors in Harare, Zimbabwe, demonstrate against longtime dictator Robert Mugabe
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  • 2017 Pixar animation head John Lasseter takes 6 month leave of absence amid sexual misconduct claims
  • 2017 Mt Agung on the Indonesian island of Bali begins erupting
  • 2018 RIBA’s best building in the world biennial international prize awarded to Canuanã school in Brazil
  • 2018 Former Guatemalan soldier Santos López Alonzo sentenced to 5,160 years for killing 171 people in Dos Erres during the civil war
  • 2019 WHO says Measles has killed more than 5,000 people in Democratic Republic of Congo in 2019, in world's largest and fastest-moving epidemic
  • 2019 22 killed in displacement camp in attack by Syrian government in Idlib province, Syria

Event of interestEvent of Interest

2019 Elon Musk launches Tesla's electric Cybertruck with shatterproof windows that when demonstrated on stage shatter

Entrepreneur Elon Musk
Elon Musk
  • 2019 44% of Americans work in low-wage jobs with medium annual wage of just $18,000, with most aged 25 - 54 according to analysis by Brookings Institution's Metropolitan Policy Program
  • 2019 First of a series of national strikes in Colombia against the government of President Iván Duque and proposed cuts to pensions
  • 2020 Texas National Guard mobilized to help El Paso County, deal with a morgue crisis as COVID-19 cases and deaths surge

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