On This Day in History for October 21

Events in History

  • 310 St Eusebius ends his reign as Catholic Pope
  • 335 Roman Emperor Constantine the Great rules that Jews are not allowed to purchase and circumcise Christian slaves
  • 686 Conon begins his reign as Catholic Pope
  • 1096 Sultan Kilidj Arslan of Nicea defeats The People's Crusade at the Battle of Civetot, only about 3,000 out of 20,000 Crusaders survive
  • 1187 Alberto de Morra elected as Pope Gregorius VIII (12/17/1187)
  • 1512 Martin Luther joins the theological faculty of the University of Wittenberg.
  • 1520 Explorer Ferdinand Magellan and his fleet reach Cape Virgenes and become the first Europeans to sail into the Pacific Ocean
  • 1555 Emperor Charles V makes Erard of Pallandt earl of Culemborg
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Weddings in History

  • 1917 Irish poet and playwright William Butler Yeats (52) weds Georgie Hyde-Lees (25)
  • 1929 Bank robber Willie Sutton (28) weds Louise Leudemann
  • 1948 Science fiction pioneering author "Stranger in a Strange Land" Robert A. Heinlein marries 3rd wife Virginia "Ginny" Gerstenfeld

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