Historical Figures Who Died in 1314

  • Mar 18 Jacques de Molay, French last Grand Master of The Knights Templar, dies burned at the stake aged 70 or 71
  • Apr 20 Clement V [Bertrand Got], pope (1305-14) moved papacy to Avignon, dies
  • Jun 23 Sir Henry de Bohun, English knight, is killed on the first day of the Battle of Bannockburn by Robert the Bruce, King of Scots
  • Nov 13 Albert II, Margrave of Meissen

Philip IV of FrancePhilip IV of France (1268-1314)

Nov 29 King of France (1285-1314) and Navarre (1284-1305) known as "the Handsome", dies of a cerebral stroke after a hunt at 46