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Deaths in History in 1521

  • Apr 20 Zhengde, 10th Emperor of the Ming Dynasty, dies at 29
  • Apr 22 Juan de Padilla, Spanish Roman Catholic missionary, killed at 52

Person of interestFerdinand Magellan

Apr 27 Ferdinand Magellan, Portuguese explorer, killed by Filipino natives at 50 while on voyage to circumnavigate the world

  • May 10 Sebastian Brant, Alsatian humanist (b. 1457)
  • May 17 Edward Stafford, 3rd Duke of Buckingham, English politician (b. 1478)
  • May 28 Willem van Croij, Duke of Soria, dies at about 62
  • Jun 15 Tamás Bakócz, Hungarian Catholic cardinal and statesman (b. 1442)

Person of interestJuan Ponce de León

Jul 15 Juan Ponce de León, Spanish explorer and conquistador who searched for the fountain of youth and the first European to discover Florida, dies at 61

Explorer and Conquistador Juan Ponce de León
Explorer and Conquistador
Juan Ponce de León

Person of interestLeo X

Dec 1 Leo X [Giovanni de' Medici], Italian Pope (1513-21), dies at 45

Pope Leo X
Leo X
  • Dec 13 Manuel I, King of Portugal (1495-1521) during era of Portuguese exploration known as "Manuel The Fortunate", dies at 52