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Deaths in History in 1536

  • Jan 6 Baldassare Peruzzi, Italian architect and painter, dies at 54

Person of interestCatherine of Aragon

Jan 7 Catherine of Aragon, 1st wife of England's King Henry VIII, dies at 50

Spanish Princess, Queen of England Catherine of Aragon
Spanish Princess, Queen of England
Catherine of Aragon
  • Jan 22 Bernhard Knipperdolling, German religious leader (b. 1495)
  • Feb 3 Garcia de Resende, Port writer/publisher (Cancioneiro Geral), dies
  • Feb 25 Berthold Haller, German-born reformer (b. 1492)
  • Mar 16 Ibrahim Pasha, grand-visier of Osmaanse Rich, murdered at about 45
  • Apr 4 Frederick I, Margrave of Brandenburg-Ansbach (1486-1536), dies at 75
  • May 17 George Boleyn, 2nd Viscount Rochford, English brother of Anna Boleyn, beheaded after being tried and convicted for high treason and incest at 32

BattleAnne Boleyn

May 19 Anne Boleyn, Queen of England (1533-36), second wife of Henry VIII, beheaded at the Tower of London on charges of adultery, incest and treason aged between 28 to 35

Person of interestErasmus

Jul 12 Desiderius Erasmus, humanist/priest (Novum instrumentum omne), dies at 69

Humanist and Theologian Erasmus
Humanist and Theologian
  • Aug 17 Pietersz, book publisher (Kersten Knight - on Index), dies
  • Sep 24 Janus Secundus, neo latin poet (Basia), dies at 24
  • Oct 6 William Tyndale, English Protestant bible translator and scholar, is strangled and burned at the stake at 41 or 42 (born c. 1494)
  • Oct 14 Garcilaso de la Vega, Spanish poet and diplomat, dies in battle (b. 1498-1503)