On This Day

Historical Figures Who Died in 1538

  • Feb 12 Albrecht Altdorfer, German painter, dies at about 57
  • Feb 16 Everhard/Erardus van de Mark, prince-bishop of Liege, dies at 65
  • Feb 26 Worp van Thabor, Frisian abbott of Thabor (Chronicon Frisiae), dies
  • Mar 21 Hugo, earl of Leisnig, governor of Frisia, dies at about 79
  • May 8 Edward Fox, English bishop
  • May 22 John Forrest, English Franciscan friar (martyred) (b. 1471)
  • Jun 30 Charles of Egmond, Duke of Guelder and Earl of Zutphen, dies at 70

ExecutionDiego de Almagro

Jul 8 Diego de Almagro, Spanish conquistador of Chile and Peru, executed at Las Salinas at about 63

  • Aug 20 Aefgen Listinck, Dutch anabaptist, burned at stake
  • Sep 14 Henry of Nassau-Dillenburg & Dietz, viceroy of Holland, dies