On This Day

Historical Figures Who Died in 1547

  • Jan 11 Pietro Bembo, Italian author, literary theorist, and Catholic cardinal (b. 1470)
  • Jan 16 Johannes Schöner, German polymath, astronomer and cartographer (Schöner globes), dies at 70
  • Jan 19 Henry Howard, earl of Surrey, army commander/poet, beheaded at 29
  • Jan 24 Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey, executed for treason
  • Jan 25 Lieven Algoet, Flemish humanist, dies
  • Jan 27 Anna of Bohemia and Hungary, Queen of the Romans, dies at 43

Henry VIII

Jan 28 Henry VIII, King of England (1509-47), dies at 55

  • Mar 30 Francis I of Valois, King of France (1515-47), dies at 52

Francis I of France

Mar 31 King Francis I of France (1515-47), dies complaining about the weight of the crown at 52

  • Jun 21 Sebastiano del Piombo, Italian painter (b. 1485)
  • Jul 20 Beatus Rhenanus [Beatus Birt], German humanist, classical scholar and friend of Erasmus, dies bequeathing his significant library to city of Sélestat, at 80
  • Aug 7 Cajetanus van Thiene, Italian saint, dies
  • Sep 10 Pierlugi Faraese, Italian son of Pope Paul III, murdered
  • Oct 19 Pierino del Vaga, Italian painter, dies at about 46

Hernán Cortés

Dec 2 Hernán Cortés, Spanish conquistador (defeated the Aztec Empire and colonized large parts of Mexico), dies of pleurisy at 61 or 62