On This Day

Historical Figures Who Died in 1560

  • Jan 1 Guillaume du Bellay, Sieur de Langey, French soldier, dies at 52
  • Jan 1 Joachim du Bellay, French poet & founder of the Pléiade, dies at 38
  • Jan 3 Peder Palladus, Danish church reformer (Visitasbog), dies at about 56
  • Jan 28 John a Lasco [John Laski], Polish nobleman/reformed theologist, dies
  • Feb 7 Bartolomeo Bandinelli, Italian sculptor (b. 1493)
  • Feb 16 Jean du Bellay, French Catholic cardinal and diplomat
  • Apr 19 Philipp Melanchthon (Schwazerd), German Protestant reformer and theologian (Martin Luther's right-hand man), dies at 63
  • Jun 1 Mary of Guise [Mary of Lorraine], French Queen consort of Scotland (1538-42) and Regent of Scotland for daughter Mary Queen of Scots (1554-60), dies of dropsy at 44
  • Jun 12 Imagawa Yoshimoto, Japanese daimyo, killed in a surprise attack (b. 1519)
  • Jun 12 Ii Naomori, Japanese warrior, killed trying to protect daimyo Yoshimoto during surprise attack (b. 1506)
  • Sep 8 Amy Robsart, wife of English premier Robert Dudley, dies falling down a flight of stairs in suspicious circumstances at 28
  • Sep 29 Gustav I, King of Sweden (1523-60) who abolished Sweden's elective monarchy, dies at 64
  • Sep 30 Melchior Cano, Spanish theologian (b. 1525)
  • Nov 25 Andrea Doria, Genoese statesman and admiral, dies at 93
  • Dec 5 Francis II, King of France (1559-60) and husband of Mary, Queen of Scots, dies of an ear infection at 16