Historical Figures Who Died in 1798

  • Jan 9 Pedro Pablo Abarca d Bolea, Spanish officer, and ount earl of Aranda, dies at 79
  • Jan 22 Lewis Morris, American landowner and farmer (signed US Declaration of Independence), dies at 71
  • Jan 22 Matija A Reljkovic, Croatian writer (Satire of Wild Man), dies at 66
  • Feb 13 Wilhelm Heinrich Wackenroder, German writer (Fantasies of Art), dies at 24
  • Feb 25 Louis-Jules Mancini-Mazarini, Duc de Nivernais, French diplomat and writer (b. 1716)
  • Apr 11 Karl Wilhelm Ramler, German poet (b. 1725)
  • Apr 29 Nikolaus Poda von Neuhaus, Austrian entomologist, dies at 74
  • May 10 George Vancouver, British explorer, (Voyage of Discovery), dies at 40
  • May 19 William Byron, 5th Baron Byron, English nobleman and politician, dies at 75
  • Jun 25 Thomas Sandby, English architect (Royal Academy's 1st professor of Architecture) dies (b. 1721)
  • Jul 2 John Fitch, American inventor and clockmaker (1st US steamboat service), dies of an opium overdose at 55
  • Jul 21 François Sébastien Charles Joseph de Croix, Count of Clerfayt, Austrian field marshal, dies at 64
  • Aug 1 François-Paul Brueys D'Aigalliers, French admiral (killed in battle) (b. 1753)
  • Aug 21 Corneille-François de Nélis, Flemish scholar and bishop of Antwerp, dies at 62
  • Aug 24 Thomas Alcock, English clergyman (b. 1709)
  • Aug 28 James Wilson, One of the Founding Fathers of the United States and a signatory of the U.S. Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution, dies at 55
  • Sep 21 George Read, American judge and signer (Declaration of Independence), dies at 65

ExecutionWolfe Tone

Nov 19 Wolfe Tone, Irish republican and revolutionary figure (United Irishmen), dies at 35 in unclear circumstances on the day he was to be hanged

  • Dec 4 Luigi Galvani, Italian anatomist and physicist ("animal electricity", gave the term "galvanize"), dies at 61
  • Dec 9 Johann Reinhold Forster, German botanist (naturalist on James Cook's second Pacific voyage), dies at 69
  • Dec 16 Thomas Pennant, Welsh naturalist, dies at 72
  • Dec 20 Cornelis Ploos van Amstel, Dutch engraver/art collector, dies at 72