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Deaths in History in 1802

  • Feb 2 Welbore Ellis, 1st Baron Mendip, British statesman (b. 1713)
  • Feb 26 Esek Hopkins, American Revolutionary War admiral and Commander in Chief of the Continental Navy, dies at 83
  • Apr 18 Erasmus Darwin, English physician writer & botanist (grandfather of Charles Darwin), dies at 70
  • May 2 Herman Willem Daendels, Dutch statesman (b. 1762)
1st US First Lady Martha Washington
1st US First Lady
Martha Washington
  • Jun 2 Pemulwuy [Bembilwuyam] Indigenous Australian (Bidjigal) who resisted colonization, shot to death, his head later sent to Joseph Banks (b. c. 1750) [1]
  • Jul 6 Daniel Morgan, American soldier and politician (Battle of Cowpens, Whiskey Rebellion), dies at 66

Person of interestMarie Francois Xavier Bichat

Jul 22 Marie François Xavier bichat, French anatomist and physiologist (tissue theory), dies at 30 after falling downstairs at the Hotel-Dieu and acquiring a fever

Anatomist and Physiologist Marie Francois Xavier Bichat
Anatomist and Physiologist
Marie Francois Xavier Bichat
  • Aug 3 Henry DFL, prince of Prussia/general/diplomat, dies
  • Aug 10 Franz Aepinus, German physician and physicist, dies at 77
  • Sep 24 Alexander Radishchev, Russian writer, commits suicide by drinking poison at 53
  • Sep 26 Baron Jurij Vega, Slovenian mathematician and military officer (b. 1754)
  • Nov 12 Charles van Poucke, Flemish sculptor, dies at 62
  • Nov 16 André Michaux, French botanist, dies at 56
  • Dec 31 Francis Lewis, Welsh/American merchant/signer (Declaration of Independence), dies at 89