On This Day

Deaths in History in 1804

  • Jan 4 Charlotte Lennox, English novelist (The Female Quixote), dies
  • Jan 15 Dru Drury, English entomologist (b. 1725)
  • Feb 2 Caesar Rodney, American judge (signed US Declaration of Independence), dies at 62
  • Feb 2 George Walton, Signer of the Declaration of Independence (b. 1749-50)

Person of interestJoseph Priestley

Feb 6 Joseph Priestley, English chemist, theologian and author who discovered oxygen and carbonated water, dies at 70

Chemist, Theologian and Author Joseph Priestley
Chemist, Theologian and Author
Joseph Priestley

Person of interestImmanuel Kant

Feb 12 Immanuel Kant, German philosopher (Zum ewigen Frieden), dies at 79

Philosopher Immanuel Kant
Immanuel Kant
  • Mar 16 Francisco marquis Albergati Capacelli, Italian playwright, dies at 75
  • Mar 21 Louis-Antoine-Henri de Bourbon-Condé, duc d'Enghien (executed) (b. 1772)
  • Mar 30 Victor-François, 2nd duc de Broglie, Marshal of France (b. 1718)
  • Apr 3 Jędrzej Kitowicz, Polish priest (b. 1727/1728)

Person of interestJacques Necker

Apr 9 Jacques Necker, French finance minister of Louis XVI whose decisions contributed to the outbreak of the French Revolution, dies at 71

Finance Minister Jacques Necker
Finance Minister
Jacques Necker
  • Apr 15 Charles Pichegru, French army general and royalist who plotted to overthrow Napoleon, strangles himself in prison at 43
  • May 24 Simon Style, Fries medical/writer, dies at 73
  • Jun 25 Georges Cadoudal, Breton politician and royalist who plotted to overthrow Napoleon, executed at 33

Person of interestAlexander Hamilton

Jul 12 Alexander Hamilton, US Founding Father and 1st Secretary of the Treasury (1789-95), killed by Vice President Aaron Burr in pistol duel near Weehawken at 49

1st US Secretary of Treasury Alexander Hamilton
1st US Secretary of Treasury
Alexander Hamilton
  • Jul 25 William Forsyth, English gardening expert (Forsythia), dies
  • Aug 17 Barbara Heck, Irish born North American colonist, organized 1st Methodist church in US in NY, dies (b. 1734)
  • Aug 20 Charles Floyd, only fatality of the Lewis and Clark Expedition
  • Sep 4 Richard Somers, American naval officer
  • Sep 29 Michael Hillegas, first Treasurer of the United States (b. 1728)
  • Oct 2 Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot, French inventor who designed & built 1st automobile, dies at 79
  • Oct 29 George Morland, English artist of rural landscapes, dies at 41
  • Nov 2 Armand-Gaston Camus, French revolutionist and Chairman of the Council of 500, dies at 64
  • Nov 5 Elizabeth "Betje" Wolff-Bekker, poetess (Sara Burgerhart), dies at 66
  • Nov 14 Aagje Deken, Dutch literary (Sara Burgerhart), dies at 62
  • Nov 23 Richard Graves, English writer, dies at 89
  • Dec 19 Mary Bright, British PM Rockingham, dies