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Deaths in History in 1829

  • Jan 12 Friedrich von Schlegel, German cultural philosopher/poet, dies at 56
  • Jan 28 William Burke, murderer/body snatcher, executed in Edinburgh
  • Jan 28 Thomas Tredgold, Railway Engineer and Carpenter, dies at 40
  • Jan 29 Paul-François-Jean-Nicolas, French politician of the French Revolution, dies at 73
  • Feb 10 Leo XII [Annibale Sermattei], Italian Pope (1823-29), dies at 68
  • Feb 11 Alexandr Griboyedov, Russian playwright (b. 1795)
  • Feb 22 Adam A earl von Neipperg, Austrian general and Napoleon's wife Marie lover, dies at 53
  • Feb 24 Auguste Chouteau, St Louis co-founder, dies
  • Mar 2 Josefa Ortiz de Domínguez, conspirator and supporter of the Mexican War of Independence (b. 1768)
  • Mar 5 John Adams, last surviving HMS Bounty mutineer (b. 1766)
  • Apr 6 Niels H Able, Norwegian mathematician (infinite series), dies at 26
  • Apr 30 George Washington Adams, son of John Q Adams, dies on City Island, NYC
  • May 10 Thomas Young, British physician and physicist (light interference), dies at 55
  • May 16 William Congreve, English artillery officer and inventor who designed fire rockets, dies at 56

Person of interestJohn Jay

May 17 John Jay, US statesman and 1st US Chief Justice, dies at 83

1st US Chief Justice John Jay
1st US Chief Justice
John Jay
  • May 18 Maria Josepha of Saxony, Queen consort of Spain, dies at 35
  • May 29 Humphry Davy, English chemist, studied electro-chemistry, invented the Davy lamp), dies at 50
  • Jun 27 James Smithson, English scientist dies at about 64, his will leaves half a million dollars to the United States to establishes the Smithsonian Institute
  • Sep 16 Nikolay Raevsky, Russian general and statesman, dies at 58
  • Oct 6 Pierre Derbigny, Governor of Louisiana (b. 1769)
  • Oct 12 Jacobus Blue, Dutch regent/patriot, dies at about 73
  • Nov 13 Sam Patch, loses his live in a 125' dive into Genesse Falls
  • Nov 14 Louis Nicolas Vauquelin, French pharmacist (b. 1763)
  • Nov 23 Ritta and Christina Parodi, Sardinian siamese twins, die at 8 months