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Deaths in History in 1855

  • Jan 6 Giacomo Beltrami, Italian explorer (b. 1779)
  • Jan 10 Mary Russell Mitford, English playwright and poet (Julian), dies at 67
  • Jan 25 Dorothy Wordsworth, English poet, diarist and sister of William Wordsworth, dies at 83
  • Jan 26 Gérard de Nerval, French writer (b. 1808)
  • Feb 6 Josef Munzinger, Swiss Federal Councilor, dies at 63
  • Feb 20 Joseph Hume, Scottish doctor and social reformer, dies at 78

Person of interestCarl Friedrich Gauss

Feb 23 Carl Friedrich Gauss, German mathematician considered one of the greatest of all time (Gaussian distribution, fundamental theorem of algebra), dies at 77

Mathematician, Astronomer and Physicist Carl Friedrich Gauss
Mathematician, Astronomer and Physicist
Carl Friedrich Gauss
  • Mar 2 Nicholas I Pavlovitch, tsar of Russia (1825-55), dies at 58

Person of interestBill the Butcher

Mar 8 William Poole, Infamous member of New York City's Bowery Boys gang, dies of a gunshot wound at 33

Gang Leader Bill the Butcher
Gang Leader
Bill the Butcher
  • Mar 20 Joseph Aspdin, English mason and inventor (b. 1788)
  • Mar 29 Henri Druey, Swiss politician and a founding father of constitutional democracy in Switzerland, dies at 55

Person of interestCharlotte Brontë

Mar 31 Charlotte Brontë, English novelist (Jane Eyre), dies at 38

  • Apr 13 Henry De la Beche, English geologist, dies at 59
  • Apr 18 Jean-Baptiste Isabey, French painter, dies at 88
  • May 5 Sir Robert Inglis, Bt, English politician (b. 1786)
  • May 15 Jan Mazereeuw, Frisian farmer/sect leader, dies at 75

  • May 23 Charles Robert Malden, British naval officer (discoverer of Malden Island, central Pacific), dies at 57
  • May 27 Nikolaj Bestuzhev, Russian Navy officer, writer and painter (Decembrist revolt), dies at 64
  • Jun 16 John Gorrie, American scientist and inventor (cold-air process of refrigeration), dies at 51
  • Jul 7 Konstantin Batyushkov, Russian poet (b. 1787)
  • Jul 8 William Parry, English Arctic explorer (Parry Channel), dies at 64
  • Jul 9 FitzRoy Somerset, 1st Baron Raglan, British Army officer (commander of the British forces during the Crimean War), dies of dysentery in Crimea at 66
  • Jul 21 Per Daniel Amadeus Atterbom, Swedish romantic poet (Blommorna (The Flowers), Lycksalighetens Ö (The Island of Bliss)) and historian (Svenska Siare och Skalder), dies at 65
  • Aug 7 Mariano Arista, President of Mexico (1851-53), dies at 53
  • Aug 16 Henry Colburn, British publisher (Pepys's Diary) (b. 1784)
  • Aug 30 Feargus O'Connor, Leader of English Chartists, dies at 61
  • Oct 6 August Leopold Crelle, German inventor and mathematician (1st Prussian Railway), dies at 75
  • Oct 25 Willem Frederik van Bylandt, Dutch military officer, dies at 84
  • Nov 11 Søren Kierkegaard, Danish philosopher, dies at 42
  • Nov 26 Adam B Mickiewicz, Polish poet (Polish Legion), dies at 56
  • Dec 6 William John Swainson, English naturalist and artist, dies at 66
  • Dec 15 Jacques Charles François Sturm, French mathematician (b. 1803)
  • Dec 18 Samuel Rogers, English poet (Italy, a poem), dies at 92