Deaths in History in September 1953

  • Sep 1 Bernard O'Dowd, Australian poet, dies at 87
  • Sep 2 Jonathan Mayhew Wainwright IV, American army officer, dies at 70
  • Sep 5 Richard Walther DarrĂ©, Nazi politician, one of the leading 'blood and soil' ideologists (b. 1895)
  • Sep 8 Fred M. Vinson, American Democratic politician, US Treasury Secretary (1945-46) and the 13th Chief Justice of US Supreme Court (1946-53), dies of a heart attack at 63
  • Sep 12 Hugo Schmeisser, German inventor and weapons designer, dies at 68
  • Sep 16 Colin G Fink, US chemist (electro-chemistry), dies
  • Sep 17 Emil Ermatinger, Swiss literature historian, dies at 80
  • Sep 25 Dimitur Poljanov, [Popov], Bulgaria poet (Iron Verses), dies
  • Sep 26 Xu Beihong, Chinese painter, dies at 58
  • Sep 27 Jules-Marie Canneel, Flemish painter/caricaturist, dies at 72

Person of interestEdwin Hubble

Sep 28 Edwin Hubble, American astronomer, first to announce existence of other galaxies, dies at 63

Astronomer Edwin Hubble
Edwin Hubble