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Deaths in History in July 1974

Person of interestJuan Perón

Jul 1 Juan Perón, Argentine military officer and President of Argentina (1946-55, 73-74), dies of a heart attack at 78

General and President of Argentina Juan Perón
General and President of Argentina
Juan Perón
  • Jul 3 John Crowe Ransom, American poet and critic (God Without Thunder), dies at 86
  • Jul 4 Mohammed SA al-Hoesseini, Mufti of Jerusalem/pres Com Palestine, dies
  • Jul 4 Francis Bull, Norwegian writer (Norsk literature historian), dies at 86
  • Jul 9 Sonia Gaskell, Russian-Dutch choreographer (Diaghilev), dies at 70

Person of interestEarl Warren

Jul 9 Earl Warren, Governor of California and 14th US Supreme Court Chief Justice (1953-69), dies at 83

Jurist and Governor of California Earl Warren
Jurist and Governor of California
Earl Warren
  • Jul 9 Georges Ribemont-Dessaignes, French Dadaist artist and writer, dies at 90
  • Jul 11 Pär Lagerkvist, Swedish writer, Nobel laureate (b. 1891)
  • Jul 13 Patrick Blackett, British physicist (Nobel 1948 - nuclear reaction), dies at 76
  • Jul 14 Henri Smajda, Tunis/French publisher (Combat), commits suicide at 77
  • Jul 14 Carl Spaatz, American World War II general and 1st Chief of Staff of the United States Air Force, dies at 83
  • Jul 21 Willem F. K. Hussem, Dutch painter and poet (Steltlopen on Sea), dies at 74
  • Jul 22 Wayne L Morse, (Sen-D-Oregon), dies at 73

Person of interestJames Chadwick

Jul 24 James Chadwick, English physicist (Nobel 1935, discovered neutron), dies at 82

Physicist James Chadwick
James Chadwick
  • Jul 26 Arthur K Watson, US businessman (IBM), dies at 55
  • Jul 29 Erich Kästner, German author (b. 1899)