On This Day

Deaths in History in July 1987

  • Jul 2 Karl Linnas, accused Nazi, dies of heart failure in Russia
  • Jul 2 Michael Bennet, choreographer (A Chorus Line), dies of AIDS at 44
  • Jul 8 Gerardo Diego, Spanish poet (Versos humanos), dies at 90
  • Jul 8 Lionel Chevrier, Canadian politician (Canadian Member of Parliament), dies at 84
  • Jul 11 Yaakov Yitzchak Ruderman, American Rosh Yeshiva (b. 1901)
  • Jul 13 Patience Collier, dies
  • Jul 18 Gilberto Freye, Brazilian sociologist/writer, dies at 87
  • Jul 25 Malcolm Baldrige, American businessman and US Secretary of Commerce (1981-87), dies of internal injuries at 64
  • Jul 25 Eric Mntonga, co-director of the Institute for a Democratic Alternative for South Africa (IDASA), found on a dirt road a day after he had been detained at a police station
  • Jul 25 Charles Stark "Doc" Draper, American Scientist and Engineer who headed the team that invented the Apollo Guidance Computer and inertial navigation technology for aircraft, space vehicles, and submarines, dies at 85
  • Jul 26 Jim Bishop, American journalist and author (The Day Lincoln was Shot), dies at 79
  • Jul 28 James Burnham, philosopher (Coming Defeat of Communism), dies at 81
  • Jul 29 Bibhutibhushan Mukhopadhyay, Bengali author (b. 1894)