On This Day

Deaths in History on June 6

  • 840 Agobard, archbishop of Lyon (anti-semite), dies
  • 1134 Norbertus van Xanten, monastery founder, dies at about 51
  • 1393 Emperor Go-En'yu of Japan (b. 1359)
  • 1480 Vecchietta, Italian artist and architect
  • 1548 Juan de Castro, Portuguese explorer (b. 1500)
  • 1563 Ikeda Nagamasa, Japanese samurai commander (b. 1519)
  • 1583 Nakagawa Kiyohide, Japanese warlord (b. 1556)
  • 1671 Stenka/Stepan Razin, Russian cossack/boer leader quartered alive (ns. 16 June)
  • 1686 Joannes B van Neercassel, RC spiritual leader of Neth, dies at 60
  • 1710 Francoise de la Baume Le Blanc, mistress of King Louis XIV, dies at 65
  • 1730 Alain Emmanuel de Coëtlogon, Marshal of France, dies at 83
  • 1740 Alexander Spotswood, British governor of Virginia Colony
  • 1762 George Anson, 1st Baron Anson, British Royal Navy officer, dies at 65
  • 1784 Joan Derk, Baron van der Capellen tot den Pol, Leader of democratic Patriots, dies at 42

Person of interestPatrick Henry

1799 Patrick Henry, American Revolutionary and Founding Father famous for his "Give me liberty or give me death" speech, dies at 63

American Revolutionary and Founding Father Patrick Henry
American Revolutionary and Founding Father
Patrick Henry
  • 1813 Alexandre-Théodore Brongniart, French architect
  • 1816 Christiane Vulpius, wife of Johann W von Goethe, dies at 51
  • 1832 Jeremy Bentham, English philosopher (b. 1748)
  • 1836 Antons Klemens Theodor, king of Saksen (1827-36), dies at 80
  • 1840 Marcellin Champagnat, French priest (b. 1789)
  • 1843 Friedrich Hölderlin, German poet and dramatist (b. 1770)
  • 1861 Giuseppe Concone, Italian singing teacher, dies at 59
  • 1861 Count Camillo Benso di Cavour, Prime Minister of Italy (b. 1810)
  • 1862 Turner Ashby, General, killed near Harrisonburg, Virginia, dies at 33
  • 1877 Prairie Flower, daughter of Ponca & chief Standing Bear, dies
  • 1878 Robert Stirling, Scottish inventor (Stirling cycle engine) (b. 1790)

Person of interestJohn A. Macdonald

1891 John A. Macdonald, 1st Prime Minister of Canada (1867-73 and 1878-91), dies of a stroke at 76

Prime Minister of Canada John A. Macdonald
Prime Minister of Canada
John A. Macdonald
  • 1898 Constant A Serrure, Flemish historian, dies at 62
  • 1906 Johan Philip van der Kellen, Dutch stamp cutter, lithographer and writer, dies at 74
  • 1914 Walter T Watts-Dunton, English lawyer, poet and writer (Aylwin), dies at 81

Person of interestYuan Shikai

1916 Yuan Shikai, Chinese general and President of the Republic of China (1916), dies of uremia at 56

General and President of the Republic of China Yuan Shikai
General and President of the Republic of China
Yuan Shikai
  • 1934 Julije Kempf, Croatian historian and writer (b. 1864)
  • 1934 Charles Francis Jenkins, American Inventor and early television pioneer (also invented the altimeter and automobile self-starter) dies at 66
  • 1935 Julian Byng, 1st Viscount Byng of Vimy, British army officer, dies at 72
  • 1938 Rafael Guízar y Valencia, Mexican Catholic bishop (cared for the wounded, sick, and dying during the Mexican Revolution), dies at 60
  • 1939 Ford Madox Ford, American writer (The Good Soldier) and editor, dies at 65
  • 1941 Louis Chevrolet, Swiss-American automotive pioneer, dies of a heart attack at 62
  • 1943 Karl Landsteiner, Austrian immunologist and pathologist (Nobel 1930), dies at 74
  • 1944 Den Brotheridge, British lieutenant who was the 1st to die during D-Day landings in World War II is killed at 28
  • 1945 Meinoud M Rost van Tonningen, Dutch Nazi collaborator (National Socialist Movement (1937-41), commits suicide at 51

Person of interestGerhart Hauptmann

1946 Gerhart Hauptmann, German author (Before Dawn - Nobel Prize in Literature, 1912), dies at 83

Dramatist, Author and Nobel Laureate Gerhart Hauptmann
Dramatist, Author and Nobel Laureate
Gerhart Hauptmann
  • 1948 Louis Lumière, French inventor, with brother Auguste made 1st motion picture in 1895, dies at 83
  • 1955 Max Meldrum, Scottish-Australian painter (founder of Australian Tonalism), dies at 79

Person of interestHiram Bingham

1956 Hiram Bingham, American Archaeologist (Incan site of Machu Picchu), dies at 80

Archaeologist and Explorer Hiram Bingham
Archaeologist and Explorer
Hiram Bingham

Person of interestCarl Jung

1961 Carl Jung, Swiss Psychiatrist (founded analytic psychology), dies at 85

Psychiatrist Carl Jung
Carl Jung
  • 1962 Yves Klein, French sculptor and painter, dies at 34
  • 1963 William Baziotes, American painter (abstract expressionist), dies at 50
  • 1967 Edward G Givens Jr, Major USAF/astronaut, dies in an car crash at 47
  • 1968 Franklin Clark Fry, American minister (World Rad of Church), dies at 67

MurderRobert F. Kennedy

1968 Robert F. Kennedy, (US Senator (D), New York), assassinated in Los Angeles by Sirhan Sirhan at 42

US Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy
US Attorney General
Robert F. Kennedy
  • 1968 Randolph Churchill, son of Winston Churchill (b. 1911)

Person of interestMiles Dempsey

1969 Miles Dempsey, British WWII general (XIII Corps, Second Army), dies of cancer at 72

British WWII General Miles Dempsey
British WWII General
Miles Dempsey

Person of interestJ. Paul Getty

1976 J. Paul Getty, American oil magnate and billionaire (Getty Oil), dies at 83

Industrialist J. Paul Getty
J. Paul Getty
  • 1982 Kenneth Rexroth, American poet (b. 1905)
  • 1983 James E. Casey, American businessman and founder (United Parcel Service), dies at 95
  • 1984 A. Bertram Chandler, Anglo-Australian mariner and sci-fi author (Empress of Outer Space), dies at 72
  • 1986 Herbert Eisenreich, Austrian writer, dies at 61
  • 1991 Sylvia Porter, economist/author (Money Book), dies at 77
  • 1993 James Bridges, writer/director (Paper Chase), dies of cancer at 57
  • 1993 Peter Tazelaar, adjutant of Dutch queen Wilhelmina, dies at 73
  • 1994 Jan Slot, Dutch mayor (Eethen/Hardenberg/Ede), dies at 80
  • 1995 James Anderson, writer, dies at 41
  • 1996 George Snell, genetecist, dies at 92
  • 1996 Jean Sinclair, South African campaigner, founder member and first president of the Black Sash in 1955, dies at 88
  • 2000 Frédéric Dard, French writer (San-Antonio), dies at 78
  • 2003 Ken Grimwood, American writer (b. 1944)
  • 2003 Tom Jackson, British union leader (Post Office), dies at 78
  • 2004 Kate Worley, American comic book writer (Omaha the Cat Dancer), dies of cancer at 46
  • 2005 Maya Kopitseva, Russian painter of the Leningrad school, dies at 81
  • 2006 Arnold Newman, American photographer (b. 1918)
  • 2011 Shrek the sheep, New Zealand sheep that held world record for biggest shorn fleece, dies at 16
  • 2013 Jerome Karle, American chemist and Nobel Laureate, dies at 94
  • 2013 Tom Sharpe, British satirist and author, dies from complications from diabetes at 85
  • 2014 Eric Hill, British children's books author and illustrator (Where's Spot), dies at 86
  • 2015 Ludvik Vaculik, Czech writer (Two Thousand Words), dies at 88
  • 2015 Vincent Bugliosi, American attorney and author (Helter-Skelter), dies at 80

Person of interestPeter Shaffer

2016 Peter Shaffer, English playwright (Equus, Amadeus), dies at 90

Playwright Peter Shaffer
Peter Shaffer
  • 2016 Kimbo Slice [Kevin Ferguson], American mixed martial artist, dies at 42
  • 2017 Adnan Khashoggi, Saudi businessman (arms dealing), dies at 81