Events in History on April 12

  • 467 Anthemius is elevated to Emperor of the Western Roman Empire by Leo I
  • 1065 Pilgrims under bishop Gunther of Bamberg reach Jerusalem
  • 1204 4th Crusade occupies and plunders Constantinople
  • 1229 Queen Blanche of Castile & Earl Raymond VII of Toulouse sign peace
  • 1545 French King Francois I orders protestants of Vaudois to be killed
  • 1557 Cuenca is founded in Ecuador
  • 1606 England adopts the Union Flag, replaced in 1801 by current Union Flag, also known as the Union Jack
  • 1648 University of Harderwijk Neth solemn opens
  • 1654 Ordinance of Union between England and Scotland passed by the Council of State

Historic Publication

1709 Richard Steele's British literary and society journal "The Tatler" is first published establishing a new type of journalism featuring essays on contemporary manners

  • 1713 Dutch State-Gen signs peace with France: Netherlands loses Orange Princedom
  • 1770 British parliament repeals the Townshend Revenue Acts, which had fueled opposition to British rule in colonial America
  • 1776 Halifax resolution for independence adopted by North Carolina

Battle of the Saintes

1782 Battle at Les Saintes: British fleet under Admiral George Rodney defeats the French fleet under Comte de Grasse off Dominica in the West Indies. Prevents a planned French and Spanish invasion of Jamaica.

  • 1787 Philadelphia's Free African Society forms
  • 1811 1st US colonists on Pacific coast arrive at Cape Disappointment, Washington
  • 1820 Alexander Ypsilantis is declared leader of Filiki Eteria, a secret organization founded in Odessa to overthrow Ottoman rule of Greece
  • 1844 Texan envoys sign Treaty of Annexation with the United States
  • 1857 French novelist Gustave Flaubert's first novel and masterpiece "Madame Bovary" is published in book form
  • 1859 Hibernia Savings & Loan Society of San Francisco incorporates

Battle of Fort Sumter

1861 Fort Sumter in South Carolina is attacked by the Confederacy, beginning the American Civil War

  • 1862 James Andrews steals Confederate train (General) at Kennesaw, Georgia
  • 1862 Union troops occupy Fort Pulaski, Georgia
  • 1863 -14] Gunboat battle at Bayou Teche, Louisiana
  • 1864 Battle of Blair's Landing, Louisiana

Victory in Battle

1864 Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest captures Fort Pillow, Tennessee

  • 1869 North Carolina legislature passes anti-Ku Klux Klan Law

Historic Event

1872 Jesse James' gang robs a bank of $1,500 in Columbia, Kentucky, 1 dead

  • 1877 British annex Transvaal, South Africa
  • 1883 French troops under lt-colonel Borgnis-Desbordes occupy Bamako Senegal

Historic Event

1887 Henrik Ibsen's "Rosmersholm" premieres in Oslo

  • 1892 George C Blickensderfer patents portable typewriter
  • 1893 "Massacre of Hoornkrans": Curt von François, colonial Governor of German South West Africa (now Nambia), leads attack by 225 Schutztruppe soldiers on Nama leader Hendrik Witbooi's headquarters at Hoornkrans; shelling of the village causes tremendous civilian casualties. Witbooi escapes and wages several months of guerrilla warfare against the German forces.
  • 1894 British & Belgian secret accord on dividing Central Africa
  • 1898 US Army transfers Yerba Buena Island in San Francisco Bay to Navy
  • 1900 The US Congress passes the Foraker Act, establishing Puerto Rico as an unincorporated territory (effective 1 May)
  • 1905 French Dufaux brothers test helicopter
  • 1905 Hippodrome arena opens (NYC)
  • 1907 Belgium government of Paul Smet de Naeyer resigns
  • 1907 In Switzerland, parliament passes a new army bill reorganizing the nation's forces into a standing militia, with training required for all males
  • 1908 Fire at the Boston Blacking Company (producer of leather dyes), spreads by high wind, kills 19 and makes 17,000 homeless in Chelsea, Massachusetts
  • 1911 1st non-stop London-Paris flight (Pierre Prier in 3h56m)
  • 1916 Irish nationalist activist and poet Roger Casement boards submarine U-19 at Wilmshaven, Germany, bound for a rendezvous with the Aud at Tralee
  • 1917 Bijou Theater opens at 222 W 45th St NYC (Demolished 1982)
  • 1917 Domenico Scarlatti & Jeab Cocteaus ballet premieres in Rome
  • 1919 British Parliament passes a 48-hour work week with minimum wages
  • 1924 WLS-AM in Chicago begins radio transmissions
  • 1926 Dutch Catholic Radio Broadcast (KRO) forms

Historic Event

1927 Kuomintang leader Chiang Kai-shek begins counter revolution in Shanghai

  • 1931 Spanish voters reject the monarchy
  • 1932 Emmanuel Chabriers & Balanchines ballet premieres in Monte Carlo
  • 1933 Moffatt Field air station commissioned
  • 1934 Second highest ever wind speed of 372 km/h (231 mph) recorded on Mt Washington
  • 1934 The US Auto-Lite Strike begins, culminating in a five-day melee between Ohio National Guard troops and 6,000 strikers and picketers.
  • 1935 First flight of the Bristol Blenheim
  • 1935 Germany prohibits publishing "not-Arian" writers
  • 1935 Royal Proclamation sets design of Canada's new Jubilee Silver Dollar
  • 1938 1st US law requiring medical tests for marriage licenses (NY)
  • 1940 Italy annexes Albania
  • 1942 Japan kills about 400 Filipino officers in Bataan
  • 1943 Allies conquer Soussa, North-Africa
  • 1943 Dutch Catholic University Nijmegen closed

Historic Event

1944 Lillian Hellman's "Searching Wind" premieres in NYC

  • 1945 Canadian troops liberate Nazi concentration camp Westerbork, Netherlands
  • 1946 Syria gains independence from France
  • 1951 Israeli Knesset officially designates April 13 as Holocaust Day
  • 1952 Salaheddine Baccouche forms Tunisian government
  • 1953 Keizo Yamada runs fastest marathon to date, at Boston
  • 1954 Belgian Van Houtte government resigns
  • 1954 Joe Turner releases "Shake, Rattle & Roll"
  • 1956 S.W.R.D. Bandaranaike's government takes office in Ceylon (now Sri Lanka)
  • 1957 Jim Spalding set a 2,088 pin nine-game bowling record
  • 1957 USSR performs atmospheric nuclear test
  • 1958 Flemish Open air museum opens in Bokrijk
  • 1959 13th Tony Awards: J B & Redhead win
  • 1959 France Observator reports torture practice by French army in Algeria
  • 1960 Bert Haanstra wins Oscar for "Glass"

Historic Event

1961 Russian cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin becomes the first person to orbit Earth (Vostok 1)

  • 1962 San Mateo County withdraws from BART (San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit) district
  • 1963 Police in Birmingham, Alabama, use dogs & cattle prods on peaceful demonstrators
  • 1966 1st B-52 bombing on North Vietnam
  • 1973 France recognizes North Vietnam
  • 1973 Sudan adopts constitution
  • 1973 Swaziland suspends constitution
  • 1975 Six Catholic civilians are killed in a Ulster Volunteer Force gun and grenade attack on Strand Bar in Belfast, North Ireland

Historic Publication

1976 Anne Rice's debut novel "Interview with a Vampire" is published by Knopf

  • 1976 India set 403 to win by WI They get them, 6 wkts 7 overs spare
  • 1979 Soyuz 33 returns to Earth
  • 1980 BCMA, Black Consciousness Movement of Azania, forms
  • 1980 Samuel Doe takes control of Liberia in a coup d'etat, killing President William Talbert and 27 others, ending over 130 years of national democratic presidential succession
  • 1981 Maiden voyage Space Transit System-space shuttle Columbia launched

Election of Interest

1983 Harold Washington elected Chicago's 1st black mayor

  • 1983 USSR performs nuclear test at Eastern Kazakh/Semipalitinsk USSR
  • 1985 16th Shuttle Mission (51D)-Discovery 4 launched-with Senator Jake Garn
  • 1986 20,000 mine workers protest closing of Hasselt Belgium mines
  • 1987 Texaco files for bankruptcy
  • 1988 Harvard University patents a genetically engineered mouse (1st for animal life)
  • 1988 Sonny Bono elected mayor of Palm Springs California

Historic Event

1989 Peter Ueberroth deal to purchase Eastern Airlines falls through

  • 1990 1st meeting of East German democratically elected parliament, acknowledges responsibility for the Holocaust and asks for forgiveness
  • 1990 Greyhound Bus hires new drivers to replace strikers
  • 1990 H. J. Heinz, Chicken of the Sea and Bumble Bee Seafood say they wouldn't buy tuna caught in nets that trap dolphins
  • 1991 Nepalese Congress party wins general elections
  • 1991 US announces closing of 31 major US military bases
  • 1992 Earthquake rocks Germany
  • 1992 Lynn Gunther of California threatens to blow herself up in front of UN
  • 1992 Trump Shuttle becomes US Air Shuttle
  • 1994 Canter & Siegel post the first commercial mass Usenet spam.
  • 1998 An earthquake in Slovenia, measuring 5.6 on the Richter scale occurs near the town of Bovec.

Historic Event

1999 US President Bill Clinton is cited for contempt of court for giving "intentionally false statements" in a sexual harassment civil lawsuit.

  • 2002 Palestinian suicide bomber (female) kills 7 and injures 104 (among them 9 Arabs) at the Mahane Yehuda Market in Jerusalem.

Coup d'état

2002 Pedro Carmona becomes interim President of Venezuela during the military coup against Hugo Chávez.

Historic Event

2009 President Mahmoud Abbas of the Palestinian National Authority makes a courtesy phone call to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel, restarting the Palestinian-Israeli dialogue

  • 2009 U.S. Navy rescues captain Richard Phillips, killing three pirates and capturing a fourth
  • 2010 A train derailed near Merano, Italy, after running into a landslide, causing nine deaths and injuring 28 people.
  • 2012 A ceasefire in the 2011-2012 Syrian uprising comes into effect
  • 2012 Bodleian, Oxford University and Vatican libraries announce over 1.5 million pages of ancient texts will be made available across the internet
  • 2012 Civilian rule in Mali is returned after Dioncounda Traore is sworn in as interim president
  • 2013 11 people are killed and 30 are injured in mosque attacks across Iraq
  • 2013 A man-made 32-foot and 60 tonne monument that is dates around 2000 BC is discovered in the Sea of Galilee
  • 2014 The new drug, ABT-450, with a 90-95% success rate for treating Hepatitis C, is announced

Historic Event

2015 Hillary Clinton announces she will run for the Democratic nominee for US President for the 2nd time

Historic Event

2016 Breakthrough Starshot: Scientists and internet entrepreneurs, including Yuri Milner, Stephen Hawking and Mark Zuckerberg, announce interstellar project to send robot spacecraft to Alpha Centauri

  • 2020 Huge storm system produces more than 40 tornadoes in the US from Texas to South Carolina killing 32 people across six states
  • 2020 OPEC and other major oil companies agree to the largest-ever drop in production to stabilize world prices

Easter Message

2020 Pope Francis calls for the world to be united in the face of COVID-19 as he delivers his Easter message from an empty St Peter's Cathedral in Rome

  • 2021 Great Britain loosens its COVID-19 restrictions, opening pubs and shops after 175 days, the world's longest period of restrictions
  • 2021 Worst frost conditions in half a century will affect 80% of French vineyards according to industry officials [1]
  • 2022 Global COVID-19 known cases pass 500 million, with 5.1 billion (66%) having received at least one vaccine shot [1]
  • 2022 Terrorist attack on the New York subway injures 26, 10 by gunfire, with the suspect arrested a day later [1]

COVID-19 Pandemic

2022 UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson apologies and is fined for attending parties during COVID-19 lockdown - first premier to be sanctioned for breaking the law [1]