Events in History on April 29

  • 1091 Battle at Monte Levunium: Emperor Alexius I beats Petshegenes

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1429 Joan of Arc arrives at the siege of Orleans

French Soldier and National Heroine Joan of Arc
French Soldier and National Heroine
Joan of Arc

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1522 Emperor Charles V names Frans van Holly inquisitor-general of Netherlands

Holy Roman Emperor Charles V
Holy Roman Emperor
Charles V
  • 1540 Emperor Charles declares all privileges of Ghent ended
  • 1550 Emperor Charles V gives inquisiters additional authority
  • 1553 Flemish woman introduces practice of starching linen into England
  • 1587 Sir Frances Drake sails into Cadiz Spain & sinks Spanish fleet ("singeing the King of Spain's beard")
  • 1623 11 Dutch ships depart for the conquest of Peru
  • 1628 Sweden & Denmark sign defense treaty against Duke of Wallenstein

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1636 Prince Frederick Henry occupies Schenkenschans

Prince of Orange Frederick Henry
Prince of Orange
Frederick Henry
  • 1644 Farm leader Li Zicheng becomes Emperor of China and flees Peking
  • 1648 Beginning of the 18 day battle of Zhovti Vody in Ukraine - Polish King Casimir eventually defeated by Cossacks
  • 1661 Chinese Ming dynasty occupies Taiwan
  • 1670 Clemens X [Emilio Bonaventura Altieri] elected Pope

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1672 Franco-Dutch War: Louis XIV of France invades the Netherlands.

The Sun King of France Louis XIV
The Sun King of France
Louis XIV
  • 1701 Drenthe, Netherlands, adopts Gregorian calendar, tomorrow is May 12, 1701
  • 1706 Emperor Jozef I becomes monarch of Cologne and Bavaria
  • 1707 English and Scottish parliaments accept Act of Union; creates the United Kingdom of Great Britain (comes into being 1st May)
  • 1715 John Flamsteed observes Uranus for 6th time

InventionHistoric Invention

1769 Scottish engineer James Watt's patent for a steam engine with a separate condenser enrolled (Patent 913)

Inventor, Engineer and Chemist James Watt
Inventor, Engineer and Chemist
James Watt
  • 1781 French fleet occupies Tobago during American War of Independence
  • 1781 French fleet stops the Britain from seizing the Cape of Good Hope
  • 1793 Cornerstone laid for Groningen's new town hall
  • 1813 Ist US Rubber patent granted to Jacob F Hummel

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1834 Charles Darwin's expedition sees top of Andes from Patagonia

Naturalist Charles Darwin
Charles Darwin
  • 1845 Macon B Allen & Robert Morris Jr are 1st African Americans to open a law practice in the US

Book releaseHistoric Publication

1852 1st edition of Peter Roget's Thesaurus published

Lexicographer and Inventor Peter Mark Roget
Lexicographer and Inventor
Peter Mark Roget
  • 1853 Comet C/1853 G1 (Schweizer) approaches within 0.0839 AUs of Earth
  • 1857 US Army, Pacific Div HQ permanently forms at Presidio (San Francisco)
  • 1861 Maryland's House of Delegates votes against seceding from Union (US Civil War)
  • 1862 100,000 federal troops prepare to march into Corinth, Mississippi
  • 1862 New Orleans falls to Union forces during US Civil War
  • 1863 Battle of Chancellorsville, Virginia (Fredericksburg, Wilderness Tavern)
  • 1864 -30] Skirmish at Jenkins' Ferry, Arkansas
  • 1864 The Theta Xi fraternity is founded at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, New York
  • 1864 Battle of Gate Pa (Pukehinahina): 1,700 British troops suffer their worst defeat of the New Zealand Wars at the hands of 230 entrenched Maori warriors in Tauranga

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1882 The "Elektromote" - forerunner of the trolleybus - is tested by Werner von Siemens in Berlin

Industrialist and Inventor Werner von Siemens
Industrialist and Inventor
Werner von Siemens
  • 1886 1st public Dutch electricity opens

Conference meetingMeeting of Interest

1888 Old Kavallison, Congo: Henry Morton Stanley meets Emin Pasha

Journalist and Explorer Henry Morton Stanley
Journalist and Explorer
Henry Morton Stanley
  • 1894 The 500-strong Commonwealth of Christ (Coxey's Army) arrives in Washington, D.C., to protest against unemployment; Coxey arrested for trespassing at Capitol
  • 1901 Antisemitic riot in Budapest
  • 1902 Congress extends the Chinese Exclusion Act (of 1882) prohibiting immigration of Chinese laborers from territories to the mainland, a rule clearly aimed at Chinese in the Philippines
  • 1903 Limestone slides at Turtle Mountain kill 9 in Frank, Alberta
  • 1905 2" rain falls in 10 mins in Taylor, Texas
  • 1905 Pierre de Brazza lands in Libreville, Gabon

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1910 Ex-US President Theodore Roosevelt visits Amsterdam

26th US President Theodore Roosevelt
26th US President
Theodore Roosevelt
  • 1912 108°F (42°C), Tuguegarao, Philippines (Oceania record)
  • 1912 Frank Wedekind's "Tod und Teufel" premieres in Berlin

Victory in battleEaster Proclamation of 1916

1916 Irish republicans abandon the post office in Dublin and surrender unconditionally, marking the end of the Easter Rising

  • 1918 Tris Speaker ties career outfield record of 4 unassisted double plays
  • 1926 France and US reach accord on repayment of WW I

  • 1927 Construction of Spirit of St Louis (the monoplane which Charles Lindburgh was to fly across the Atlantic) is completed
  • 1930 North Sea floodgate at Ijmuiden (biggest in world) officially opens
  • 1930 Telephone connection Britain-Australia goes into service
  • 1931 Cleveland Indian Wes Ferrell no-hits St Louis Browns, 9-0
  • 1939 Whitestone Bridge connecting the New York boroughs of Bronx and Queens opens
  • 1940 Norwegian King Haakon & government flee to Britain
  • 1940 Robert Sherwood's "There Shall be No Night" premieres in NYC
  • 1942 Japanese troop march into Lashio, cut off Burma Road
  • 1942 Jews forced to wear a Jewish Star in Netherlands & Vichy-France
  • 1943 Dietrich Bonhoeffer arrested by nazis
  • 1943 Noel Coward's "Present Laughter" premieres in London
  • 1943 US 34th Division occupies Hill 609, North Tunisia
  • 1944 Raid by Dutch Resistance on the National Printing Office in The Hague to procure 10,000 Dutch identity cards.
  • 1945 First food drop by RAF above Nazi-occupied Holland (Operation Manna)
  • 1945 Japanese army evacuates Rangoon
  • 1945 German armies in Italy sign an unconditional surrender to the Western Allies to be carried out on 2 May
  • 1945 US Army liberates 31,601 in Nazi concentration camp in Dachau, Germany
  • 1945 Venice & Mestre captured by the Allies
  • 1946 28 former Japanese leaders indicted in Tokyo as war criminals
  • 1951 China seizes the assets of the Asiatic Petroleum Company, a joint venture between the Shell and Royal Dutch oil companies in retaliation for the Hong Kong Government's requisitioning of the tanker Yung Hao
  • 1953 Joe Adcock is 1st to homer into Polo Grounds' center field bleachers
  • 1955 Giovanni Gronchi elected third President of Italy
  • 1957 1st military nuclear power plant dedicated at Fort Belvoir, Virginia
  • 1962 16th Tony Awards: "A Man For All Seasons" & "How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying" win
  • 1963 KRE-AM in Berkeley CA changes call letters to KPAT
  • 1964 US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
  • 1965 Australian government announces it would send troops to Vietnam
  • 1965 Earthquake hits Seattle; 5 die
  • 1965 Malta becomes 18th member of Council of Europe

Music releaseMusic Single

1967 "Respect" single released by Aretha Franklin (Billboard Song of the Year 1967)

Soul Singer Aretha Franklin
Soul Singer
Aretha Franklin
  • 1970 US and South Vietnamese forces launch an incursion into Cambodia, expanding the Vietnam War
  • 1971 Bill Graham closes down Fillmore & Fillmore East
  • 1971 Boeing receives contract for Mariner 10, Mercury exploration
  • 1971 US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1974 US President Richard Nixon said he will release edited tapes made in the White House

37th US President Richard Nixon
37th US President
Richard Nixon
  • 1975 Ethiopia nationalizes all land

Victory in battleThe Fall of Saigon

1975 Vietnam War: US begins to evacuate its citizens from Saigon in Operation Frequent Wind in response to advancing North Vietnamese forces, bringing an end to US involvement in the war

  • 1975 Charles McMahon and Darwin Judge are the last two United States servicemen killed in Vietnam during the Vietnam War
  • 1976 Minister Irene Vorrink begins fluoridating Dutch drinking water
  • 1977 British Aerospace forms
  • 1980 Corazones Unidos Siempre Chi Upsilon Sigma National Latin Sorority Inc. is founded
  • 1981 Peter Sutcliffe admits he is the Yorkshire Ripper (murdered 13 women)
  • 1982 Alfredo Magana elected President of El Salvador

MurderMurder of Interest

1982 American mafia hitman Richard Kuklinski murders pharmacist Paul Hoffman by beating him with a tire iron

Contract Killer Richard Kuklinski
Contract Killer
Richard Kuklinski
  • 1983 Harold Washington sworn in as Chicago's 1st African American mayor
  • 1985 17th space shuttle mission (51-B)-Challenger 7 launched
  • 1985 Ranger Larry Parrish is 5th to hit 3 HRs in a game in both leagues
  • 1986 800,000 books destroyed by fire in Los Angeles Central Library
  • 1987 Japan's premier Nakasone visits the US
  • 1989 2nd government of Lubbers falls in the Netherlands
  • 1990 Dan Quisenberry (all-time AL save king, 238) announces his retirement
  • 1990 STS-31 (Discovery 10) lands
  • 1990 Wrecking cranes began tearing down the Berlin Wall at the Brandenburg Gate
  • 1991 Croatia declares independence
  • 1991 Cyclone strikes the Chittagong district in Bangladesh, killing 139,000 people and leaving 10 million homeless
  • 1991 Earthquake in Georgia, kills 100

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1992 Jury acquits LA police officers of beating Rodney King, riots begin

Victim of Police Violence Rodney King
Victim of Police Violence
Rodney King
  • 1992 Sheena Easton collapses on stage while performing in "Man of LaMancha"
  • 1992 Voting ends on choice of Elvis stamps
  • 1994 Last day of voting in 1st multi-racial elections in South Africa
  • 1994 Ferry boat smashes into Mombasa Harbor Kenya, kills over 300
  • 1994 Israel & PLO sign economic accord
  • 1995 Longest sausage ever, at 28.77 miles, made in Kitchener, Ontario
  • 1996 Howard Stern Radio Show premieres in Fresno CA on KFRR 104.1 FM
  • 1997 The Chemical Weapons Convention of 1993 comes into force, outlaws production, stockpiling and use of chemical weapons among its signatories.
  • 1999 Avala TV Tower near Belgrade is destroyed in NATO bombing of Yugoslavia
  • 2002 The United States is re-elected to the United Nations Commission on Human Rights, one year after losing the seat it had held for 50 years

Battle9/11 Attack on New York's World Trade Towers

2004 Dick Cheney and George W. Bush testify before the 9/11 Commission in a closed, unrecorded hearing in the Oval Office

  • 2004 Oldsmobile builds its final car ending 107 years of production
  • 2005 Syria completes withdrawal from Lebanon, ending 29 years of occupation
  • 2005 New Zealand's first civil union takes place
  • 2007 2nd Republic protest in support of state secularism held in Instanbul, Turkey
  • 2012 International Chemical Weapons Convention deadline for chemical weapon stockpiles comes into effect
  • 2013 7 people are killed after a Boeing 747 crashes in Bagram, Afghanistan
  • 2015 Indonesia executes 8 prisoners, including 7 foreigners, for drug offences at Besi Prison on the island of Nusakambangan
  • 2015 German Measles is declared eradicated from North and South America - 1st world region to do so
  • 2016 Iranian run-off elections give moderates and reforms a majority in parliament
  • 2016 "Views" 4th studio album by Drake is released
  • 2016 "H.O.L.Y" single released by Florida Georgia Line (Billboard Song of the Year 2016)
  • 2017 3 tornadoes hit south east of Dallas, Texas, killing 5