Events in History in 1253

  • Apr 28 -May 7th) Utrecht destroyed by fire
  • Apr 28 Nichiren, a Japanese Buddhist monk, propounds Nam Myoho Renge Kyo for the first time and declares it to be the essence of Buddhism, in effect founding Nichiren Buddhism.
  • May 7 Flemish friar William of Rubruck sets off to convert the Mongols to Christianity, a mission ordered by French king Louis IX - one of the most famous travel accounts in the Medieval world
  • Jul 1 Battle at Westkapelle-Floris the Guardian beats Gwijde van Dampierre
  • Jul 6 Mindaugas is crowned King of Lithuania
  • Jul 23 Jews are expelled from Vienne, France by order of Pope Innocent IV
  • Aug 9 Clare of Assisi's rules confirmed by Pope Innocent IV for Clare's Order of Poor Ladies