Events in History in 1349

  • Jan 5 Margaretha of Bavaria names her son Willem V Earl of Holland and Zealand
  • Jan 9 700 Jews of Basel Switzerland, burned alive in their houses
  • Jan 30 Gunther of Schwarzburg chosen German anti-king
  • Jan 30 Jews of Freilsburg Germany are massacred

Black Death

Feb 2 By this date at least 200 people a day were being buried in London as a result of the Black Death

  • Feb 13 Jews are expelled from Burgdorf, Switzerland
  • Feb 14 900 Jews are burned alive in Strasbourg and similar number banned from the city after being blamed for the spread of the Black Death
  • Feb 22 Jews are expelled from Zurich, Switzerland
  • Mar 21 Between 100 and 3,000 Jews are killed in Black Death riots in Erfurt, Germany
  • Mar 22 Townspeople of Fulda, Germany massacre Jews, blaming them for the Black Death
  • Apr 30 Jewish community of Radolfzell, Germany, exterminated
  • May 28 60 Jews murdered in Breslau, Silesia
  • Aug 24 6,000 Jews, blamed for the Plague, are killed in Mainz
  • Aug 24 Jews of Cologne Germany set themselves on fire to avoid baptism
  • Sep 10 Jews who survived a massacre in Constance Germany are burned to death
  • Sep 29 People of Krems Austria accuse Jews of poisoning wells
  • Oct 5 Paris theologian Jean de Fayt warns against the Flagellants at Avignon
  • Nov 1 Duke of Brabant orders execution of all Jews in Brussels, accusing them of poisoning the wells
  • Nov 29 Jews of Augsburg, Germany massacred
  • Dec 5 500 Jews of Nuremberg massacred during Black Death riots