Events in History in 1431

Historic Event

Jan 3 Joan of Arc handed over to Bishop Pierre Cauchon

  • Jan 9 Judges' investigations for the trial of Joan of Arc begin in Rouen, France, the seat of the English occupation government
  • Feb 21 Joan of Arc's first day of interrogation during her trial for heresy
  • Mar 3 Bishop Gabriele Condulmer elected as Pope Eugene IV
  • May 28 Joan of Arc is accused of relapsing into heresy by donning male clothing again, providing justification for her execution
  • May 30 Hundred Years' War: 19 year old Joan of Arc is burned at the stake by an English-dominated tribunal in Rouen, France
  • Nov 20 First meeting of Order of the Golden Fleece

Royal Coronation

Dec 16 King Henry VI of England crowned King of France (only English monarch to wear both crowns)