Events in History in 1487

  • Jan 30 Bell chimes invented
  • May 24 Imposter Lambert Simnel ceremony crowned as King Edward VI in Dublin
  • Jun 4 Lord Lovell and John de la Pole's army land at Furness, Lancashire
  • Jun 16 Battle of Stoke, Nottinghamshire: Henry VII beats John de la Pole & Lord Lovell
  • Jul 24 Citizens of Leeuwarden, Netherlands, rebel against ban on foreign beer

German Beer Purity Law

Nov 30 The first German Beer Purity Law (Reinheitsgebot), is promulgated in Munich by Albert IV, Duke of Bavaria stating beer should be brewed from only three ingredients – water, malt and hops

  • Dec 19 Opening ceremony of the sixth Great Temple of Tenochtitlan (modern Mexico City) 4,000 prisoners of war are sacrificed to Aztec gods over four days [1]