Events in History in 1494

  • Jan 1 Juw Dekama elected potentate of Frisia
  • Jan 6 The first Mass in the New World is celebrated at La Isabela, Hispaniola
  • Jan 25 Alfonso II succeeds his father as King of Naples

Voyage of Discovery

May 5 On 2nd voyage to New World Christopher Columbus sights Jamaica, landing at Discovery Bay

Treaty of Tordesillas

Jun 7 Treaty of Tordesillas: Spain and Portugal divide the new world along a meridian 370 leagues west of the Cape Verde islands, off the west coast of Africa

  • Nov 8 Uprising against Piero de' Medici in Florence
  • Nov 9 Piero the Unfortunate of the de' Medici family, ruler of Florence, loses his power and flees the state

Historic Event

Nov 18 French King Charles VIII occupies Florence