Events in History in 1510

  • Jan 22 Jews are expelled from Colmar, Alsace
  • Feb 13 Charles of Gelre conquers Oldenzaal

Portuguese Conquer Goa

Feb 17 Portuguese admiral Afonso de Albuquerque first conquers the city of Goa, entering it with little conflict


Feb 24 Pope Julius II excommunicates the republic of Venice

  • May 30 Portuguese forces under Afonso de Albuquerque abandon Goa after its former ruler Yusuf Adil Shah, the Muslim King of Bijapur reconquers the city
  • Jul 19 38 Jews are burned at stake in Berlin, Prussia
  • Jul 25 Spanish conquest of Tripoli by Pedro Navarro for Aragon crown; over 3,000 killed and more than 5,000 inhabitants enslaved
  • Sep 10 Bishop Frederik of Bathe recaptures Oldenzaal
  • Dec 10 Muslim ruler of Goa, Yusuf Adil Shah and his Ottoman allies surrender to Portuguese forces led by Afonso de Albuquerque who puts the Muslim population to the sword