Events in History in 1529

  • Mar 15 Second Diet of Speyer convenes, condemns and attempts to reverse 1526 Diet of Speyers relaxation of ban on Luther's teachings); official protest to attempted reversal on 25 April creates the term "Protestantism"
  • Apr 22 Treaty of Saragosa: Spain and Portugal divide eastern hemisphere

Victory in Battle

May 6 Battle at Gogra: Mughal Emperor Babur beats Afghans and Bengals

  • May 27 30 Jews of Posing, Hungary, charged with blood ritual, burned at stake
  • Jun 9 Zurich declares war on Catholic kantons
  • Jun 21 Battle of Landriano: Imperial-Spanish forces under Don Antonio de Leyva, Duke of Terranova, beat a French army under Francis de Bourbon, Comte de St. Pol

Event of Interest

Jun 21 Queen Catherine Of England [Catherine of Aragon] speaks against her marriage's annulment at the Blackfriars Legatine Court

  • Jun 24 Zürich and Catholic cantons sign Peace of Kappel
  • Jun 29 Emperor Karel V & Pope Clemens VII sign Treaty of Barcelona

Event of Interest

Jul 6 Conquistador Hernán Cortés granted lands and title of Marquisate of the Oaxaca Valley by Spanish King Charles V [1]

Appointment of Interest

Jul 26 Francisco Pizarro appointed Governor of Peru

  • Aug 3 "Peace of the Ladies" (Treaty of Cambrai) made between Holy Roman Empire and the French, negotiated by Louise of Savoy and Margaret of Austria
  • Sep 22 Cardinal Thomas Wolsey stripped of office as Lord Chancellor of England

Historic Siege

Sep 24 Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent and his Ottoman troops arrive in Vienna, beginning of the siege

  • Oct 1 -3] Meeting between Maarten Luther & Huldrych Zwingli

Appointment of Interest

Oct 26 Thomas More appointed Lord Chancellor of England

  • Nov 3 1st sitting of the Reformation Parliament in London
  • Nov 4 English cardinal Thomas Wolsey arrested on charges of treason