Events in History in 1556

Charles V Abdicates

Jan 16 Holy Roman Emperor Charles V abdicates his role as King of Spain and appoints his son Philip II of Spain

  • Jan 23 Shaanxi Earthquake, the deadliest ever recorded, kills 830,000 in Shaanxi Province, China
  • Jan 27 Willem of Orange becomes a Knight of the Order of the Golden Fleece

Treaty of Interest

Feb 5 King Henry II of France and Holy Roman Emperor Charles V sign the Treaty of Vaucelles, creating a temporary truce in the Italian War of 1551–59

  • Feb 14 English Archbishop Thomas Cranmer declared a heretic
  • Mar 22 Cardinal Reginald Pole becomes archbishop of Canterbury
  • Mar 28 Origin of Fasli Era (India)
  • Mar 28 Philip II of Spain is formally crowned King of Spain
  • Apr 13 Portuguese Marranos who revert back to Judaism burned by order of Pope
  • Aug 27 Holy Roman Emperor Charles V abdicates in favor of his brother Ferdinand I

Event of Interest

Sep 9 Pope Paul IV refuses to crown Ferdinand I of Austria Holy Roman Emperor

Event of Interest

Sep 15 Charles V and Maria of Hungary return to Spain and retired to the Monastery of Yuste in Extremadura

  • Oct 17 Ex-emperor Karel departs Netherland for Spain

Event of Interest

Nov 5 Akbar (14) succeeds his father Humajun as Sultan of Delhi

  • Nov 5 Second Battle of Panipat: Hindu Emperor of north India Hem Chandra Vikramaditya defeated by forces of Mughal Emperor Akbar, who captures and later beheads Hem Chandra
  • Nov 23 King Philip II confers with Dutch financial experts