Events in History in 1573

  • Jan 1 Geuzen sets fire to Woudrichem

Victory in Battle

Jan 25 Battle of Mikatagahara, in Japan; Takeda Shingen defeats Tokugawa Ieyasu

  • Jan 28 Articles of Warsaw Confederation are signed, sanctioning freedom of religion in Poland.
  • Mar 7 Turkey & Venice sign peace treaty
  • Apr 30 The spire of Beauvais Cathedral, France, which made it the tallest human-made monument in the world at the time, collapses (never rebuilt)
  • May 9 Polish Parliament selects Duke of Anjou as king
  • Jul 6 Córdoba, Argentina, is founded by Jerónimo Luis de Cabrera
  • Jul 6 Pacificatie of Boulogne: new peace treaty with huguenots
  • Jul 13 Haarlem surrenders after 7 months to Spanish army
  • Jul 16 Alva demands submission of Zealand/Holland

Event of Interest

Aug 7 Francis Drake's fleet returns to Plymouth after a year spent raiding for Spanish treasure

  • Aug 21 Spain begin siege of Alkmaar in the Netherlands
  • Oct 9 Don Frederik and the Spanish disband the siege of Alkmaar
  • Oct 11 Battle of South Seas - Dutch rebels beat Spanish navy
  • Nov 22 The Brazilian city of Niterói is founded
  • Nov 29 Don Luis de Requesensy Zuniga succeeds duke of Alva as land guardian of Netherlands