Events in History in 1580

Francis Drake's Circumnavigation

Jan 9 Francis Drake's ship the 'Golden Hind' strikes a reef off the Celebes islands, slips off the next day and sails onward to Java then round the Cape of Good Hope and back to Plymouth in England [1]

Philip II's Bounty

Mar 15 Spanish King Philip II puts 25,000 gold coins on head of Prince William I of Orange

Event of Interest

Mar 17 Prince William I of Orange welcomed in Amsterdam

  • Apr 11 Drenthe joins Union of Utrecht
  • Jun 15 Phillip II of Spain declares William I of Orange to be an outlaw
  • Jun 17 Battle at Hardenberg: Spanish troops beat rebels
  • Jun 18 States of Utrecht forbid Catholic worship
  • Jun 25 Book of Concord, standards of Lutheran Church, 1st published
  • Jun 27 Duke of Alva's army occupies Portugal
  • Jul 12 Ostrog Bible, the first printed Bible in a Slavic language, is published
  • Aug 25 Battle of Alcantara, Spain defeats Portugal
  • Sep 19 Treaty of Plessis-lez-Tours (Anjou/Dutch States-General)

Event of Interest

Sep 26 Francis Drake completes circumnavigation of the world, sailing into Plymouth aboard the 'Golden Hind'

  • Nov 9 Spanish troops land in Ireland
  • Nov 26 French Huguenots & Roman Catholics sign peace treaty