Events in History in 1583

  • Jan 12 Holland begins use of Gregorian calendar (yesterday was 1/1/1583)
  • Feb 21 Groningen, Netherlands, begins using Gregorian calendar
  • Mar 18 Dutch States General & Anjou sign treaty
  • Jun 17 Brabant: Duke of Parma beats French mercenaries
  • Jun 18 Richard Martin of London takes out first life insurance policy, on William Gibbons; premium was £383
  • Jul 17 Spanish and Walloon troops conquer Dunkerk
  • Aug 5 Humphrey Gilbert claims Newfoundland for the British crown, the first English colony in North America and the beginning of the British Empire
  • Nov 15 Gelders Earl Willem of the Bergh flees
  • Nov 20 Duke of Parma conquers Aalst