Events in History in 1587

  • Jan 29 Deventer and Zutphen surrender to Spain

Execution of Mary Queen of Scots

Feb 8 Mary, Queen of Scots, is beheaded at Fotheringhay Castle aged 44 after being convicted of plotting to assassinate Elizabeth I in the Babington Plot

  • Mar 1 Puritan English parliamentary leader Sir Peter Wentworth confined in London Tower

Event of Interest

Apr 29 English naval officer Francis Drake sails into Cadiz, Spain and sinks the Spanish fleet, thereby "Singeing the King of Spain's Beard" and delaying the Spanish invasion by a year

  • Jul 22 2nd English colony forms on Roanoke Island off North Carolina
  • Aug 18 Saul Wahl is elected King of Poland (according to legend)

Event of Interest

Aug 19 Sigismund III becomes King of Poland and Grand Duke of Lithuania

  • Oct 20 Battle at Coultras: Henri van Navarra beats Catholic League
  • Oct 31 Leiden University Library opens its doors after its founding in 1575
  • Nov 24 Battle at Auneau: Henri de Guise wins
  • Nov 27 Dutch county of Groningen flooded by failure of dyke
  • Dec 17 The Earl of Leicester's army leaves Netherlands