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Events in History in 1619

  • Feb 20 Trial against Johan van Oldenbarnevelt begins in The Hague for alleged crimes against the federal government
  • Mar 12 Dutch settlement on Java changes name to Batavia
  • Apr 19 Theatrum Anatomicum opens in Amsterdam
  • May 18 Dutch jurist and scholar Hugo Grotius sentenced to life in prison in Loevestein Castle in the Netherlands (later escapes in a book chest)
  • Jun 2 England and the Netherlands sign treaty about trading in the Indies
  • Jun 10 Thirty Years' War: Battle of Záblatí, a turning point in the Bohemian Revolt
  • Jun 24 Tsar Michail's father Filaret becomes patriarch of Moscow
  • Jul 20 Gerardus Vossius resigns as Dutch regent States college leader
  • Jul 30 House of Burgesses Virginia forms, 1st elective American governing body

AgreementTreaty of Interest

Aug 8 Duke Maximilian I & Emperor Ferdinand II signs Treaty of Munchen

Holy Roman Emperor Ferdinand II
Holy Roman Emperor
Ferdinand II
  • Aug 20 1st known African Americans in English North America (approx. 20) land at Point Comfort (Fort Monroe), Virginia. They are then sold or traded into servitude.
  • Aug 27 Frederik van Palts chosen as King of Bohemia
  • Aug 28 Ferdinand II elected Holy Roman Emperor (rules till 1637)
  • Sep 15 Prince Bethlen Gabor's troops occupy Pozsony (Pressburg) Hungary
  • Sep 30 Remonstrant Society forms in Antwerp
  • Nov 4 Frederick V crowned king of Bohemia

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Nov 10 René Descartes has the dream that inspires his "Meditations on First Philosophy"

Philosopher René Descartes
René Descartes
  • Dec 4 38 colonists from Berkeley Parish, England disembark in Virginia and give thanks to God. Considered by many the first Thanksgiving in the Americas.