Events in History in 1644

  • Jan 18 Perplexed Pilgrims in Boston reported America's 1st UFO sighting
  • Jan 24 Parliamentary army wins battle of Nantwich, Cheshire, English Civil War
  • Feb 5 1st US livestock branding law passed, by Connecticut
  • Mar 7 Massachusetts establishes 1st two-chamber legislature in colonies
  • Mar 14 England grants patent for Providence Plantations (now Rhode Island)
  • Mar 19 200 members of Peking imperial family and court commit suicide in loyalty to the Emperor
  • Mar 31 Pope Urbanus VIII and Duke of Parma sign Peace of Ferrara

Historic Event

Apr 25 Last Ming Emperor Chongzhen hangs himself from a tree on Jing Mountain, Beijing, rather than be captured by forces of Li Zicheng

  • Apr 29 Farm leader Li Zicheng becomes Emperor of China and flees Peking
  • May 6 Johan Mauritius resigns as governor of Brazil
  • May 23 Johan Mauritius van Nassau resigns as head of Civil rights activists
  • May 27 Battle of Shanhai Pass: Li Zicheng's army defeated by combined Ming and Manchu force
  • May 28 Bolton Massacre by Royalist troops under the command of the Earl of Derby (English Civil War)
  • Jun 11 Florentine scientist Evangelista Torricelli describes his invention of the mercury barometer in 1643 in a letter to Michelangelo Ricci
  • Jul 2 Battle of Marston Moor, North Yorkshire: Parliamentary forces under Lords Fairfax and Manchester defeat royalists led by Prince Rupert
  • Sep 2 Robert Devereux's Parliamentarian infantry surrenders to Royalist forces in Battle of Lostwithiel, Cornwall, during English Civil War

Victory in Battle

Sep 5 Prince Frederick Henry conquers Sas of Gent

Historic Event

Sep 15 Giambattista Pamfili replaces Pope Urban VIII as Innocent X

  • Sep 17 French troops occupy Mainz
  • Sep 28 Knights of Malta attack Ottoman convoy of ships that include Chief Black Eunuch and pilgrims for Mecca, killing or selling all into slavery, brings about the Cretan War a year later
  • Oct 23 Sea battle of Fehmarn Sont: Adm Thijssen beats Denen

Victory in Battle

Oct 27 Second Battle of Newbury: King Charles I beats parliamentary armies

  • Nov 19 First protestant ministry society in New England

Historic Publication

Nov 23 "Areopagitica", a pamphlet by John Milton decrying censorship, is published

  • Dec 4 First European peace congress opens in Munster