Events in History in 1658

  • Mar 8 Peace of Roskilde between Sweden & Denmark

Historic Event

Mar 17 Pro-Charles II plot in England discovered

Historic Event

Jun 3 Pope Alexander VII appoints François de Laval vicar apostolic in New France

  • Jun 14 Battle of the Dunes: English and French forces defeat the Spanish near Dunkirk during Franco-Spanish War
  • Jun 23 Dutch troops occupy last Portuguese Fort at Jafnapatnam in Ceylon
  • Jun 24 French fleet recaptures Duinkerk
  • Jun 25 Spanish garrison at Dunkirk surrenders to French and English
  • Jul 31 Aurangzeb appoints himself Mongol emperor
  • Aug 12 1st American police force forms (New Amsterdam)
  • Aug 15 France, Sweden, Bavarian, Brunswick, Munster and Hessen-Kassel form Confederation of the Rhine
  • Sep 3 Richard Cromwell ("Tumbledown Dick") succeeds his father as Lord Protector of the Commonwealth
  • Nov 8 Battle of the Sound: Swedish fleet prevails over the Dutch fleet during the 2nd Northern War
  • Dec 9 Dutch troops occupy harbor city Quilon (Coilan) India