Events in History in 1662

  • Jan 27 1st American lime kiln begins operation in Providence, Rhode Island
  • Feb 1 Dutch garrison on Formosa surrenders to Chinese pirates

The First People To Hop On A Bus

Mar 18 First public bus service begins, promoted by Blaise Pascal, operates in Paris as the "Carosses a Cinq Sous" until 1675

  • Apr 23 Connecticut chartered as an English colony
  • Apr 27 Netherlands & France sign military covenant
  • May 3 Royal charter granted to Connecticut
  • May 19 Uniformity Act of England goes into effect
  • Jun 24 Dutch invasion of Macau repulsed (Macau Day)

Event of Interest

Jul 15 King Charles II charters Royal Society in London

  • Aug 24 Act of Uniformity requires English to accept Book of Common Prayer

Event of Interest

Sep 12 John Flamsteed sees partial solar eclipse, stirs his interest in astronomy

  • Sep 14 Netherlands & England sign peace treaty
  • Oct 17 Charles II of Great Britain sells Dunkirk to France for 2.5 million livres (320,000 English pounds)