Events in History in 1665

  • Feb 27 Battle at Elmina, Gold Coast: Vice-admiral De Ruyter beats English

Declaration of War

Mar 4 English King Charles II declares war on Netherlands

  • Mar 6 Philosophical Transactions of Royal Society starts publishing
  • Mar 11 NY approves new code guaranteeing Protestants religious rights
  • May 5 Nicolaas Witsen visits patriarch Nikon in Moscow

Event of Interest

May 15 Pope Alexander VII appoints committee to investigate Jansenism

  • May 31 Jerusalem's rabbi Sjabtai Tswi proclaims himself Messiah

Event of Interest

Jun 3 Duke of York (future James II) defeats Dutch fleet off the coast of Lowestoft

  • Jun 6 Battle at Monte Carlo: English and Portuguese armies beat Spain
  • Jun 7 Boston's First Baptist Church, one of the oldest Baptist churches in America, is founded [NS March 1]

Great Plague of London

Jun 7 Great Plague of London: Samuel Pepys writes in his diary of houses marked with a red cross in London's Drury Lane, meaning somebody inside is infected with the plague and must be locked in for 40 days or until death

  • Jun 12 England installs a municipal government in New York City
  • Jun 12 New Amsterdam legally becomes an English colony and renamed New York after English Duke of York
  • Jun 13 Battle of Lowestoft, off Suffolk, England: English fleet beats Dutch
  • Jun 17 Battle of Viciosa (Monte Claros): English & Portuguese army beat Spain
  • Jun 30 The number of deaths in London from the Great Plague during June is recorded as 6,137 people
  • Aug 2 Battle of Vågen: English warships attack a Dutch merchant and treasure fleet in neutral Bergen, Norway. English forced to retreat after suffering 421 dead and wounded.
  • Aug 2 French expedition against Barbarians in Tunis and Algiers
  • Aug 27 "Ye Bare & Ye Cubb" is the first play performed in North America in Acomac, Virginia

Theater Premiere

Sep 22 Moliere's comedic play "L'amour Medecin" premieres for King Louis XIV at Versailles

  • Sep 26 Height of the Great Plague of London as 7,165 people die throughout the previous week
  • Oct 5 The University of Kiel is founded.
  • Oct 9 Due to the Great Plague of London, the British Parliament meets at the University of Oxford rather than the Palace of Westminster
  • Oct 29 Battle of Mbwila [Ambuila]: Portuguese defeat forces of the Kingdom of Kongo and decapitate King Antonio I of Kongo / Nvita a Nkanga

Historic Publication

Nov 1 Robert Hooke's landmark work "Micrographia" with drawings using a microscope and coining the word "cell" is published by the Royal Society

  • Nov 7 1st edition of "London Gazette" published as "The Oxford Gazette"

Event of Interest

Dec 4 Jean Racine's "Alexandre le Grand" premieres in Paris

  • Dec 11 "Messiah" Sjabtai Tswi festival in Smyrna
  • Dec 30 "Messiah" Sjabtai Tswi departs to Constantinople