Events in History in 1668

Treaty of Interest

Jan 19 French King Louis XIV and Holy Roman Emperor Leopold I sign a secret Partition Treaty, dividing the Spanish Empire if Charles II of Spain died without an heir

  • Jan 23 England, Netherlands & Sweden sign Triple Alliance against French
  • Feb 13 Treaty of Lisbon: Spain recognizes Portugal
  • Feb 23 Fire in the Hofburg in Vienna, Emperor Leopold I rescued
  • Mar 26 England takes control of Bombay, India

Historic Event

Mar 27 English king Charles II gives Bombay to East India Company

  • Apr 13 John Dryden (36) appointed first English poet laureate by Charles II
  • May 2 Treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle, 1st peace of Aachen: ends War of Devolution, French-Spanish war in The Netherlands

Historic Event

Jul 7 Isaac Newton receives MA from Trinity College, Cambridge

  • Aug 15 Confederation of the Rhine disbands
  • Sep 16 King John II Casimir of Poland resigns, flees to France
  • Sep 19 Polish King John II Casimir Vasa resigns and goes to France the following year
  • Oct 9 Mass society storms palace of "heretics" Spanish governor Jose de Paternina
  • Oct 23 Jews of Barbados forbidden to engage in retail trade

Historic Event

Dec 13 Jean Racine's "Britannicus" premieres in Paris