Events in History in 1673

  • Jan 1 Regular mail delivery begins between NY & Boston

Theater Premiere

Jan 13 Jean Racine's play "Mithridate" premieres in Paris

  • Jan 22 Postal service between New York & Boston inaugurated
  • Feb 20 1st recorded wine auction held in London
  • Feb 21 Michiel de Ruyter appointed lt-admiral-general of Dutch fleet
  • Mar 18 Lord Berkley sells his half of New Jersey to the Quakers

Historic Event

Mar 29 English King Charles II accepts Test Act: Roman Catholics excluded from public functions

  • May 17 Louis Jolliet & Jacques Marquette begin exploring Mississippi
  • Jun 6 France and Brandenburg sign peace treaty
  • Jun 12 Charles II's brother duke James of York resigns as Lord High Admiral
  • Jun 14 Battle at Schooneveld: Michiel de Ruyter beats French/English fleet

Historic Event

Jun 16 Peace of Vossem: French King Louis XIV and Frederik Willem of Brandenburg

  • Jul 6 French troops conquer Maastricht as part of the Franco-Dutch War
  • Jul 11 Netherlands & Denmark sign defense treaty

Historic Event

Jul 24 Edmund Halley enters The Queen's College, Oxford, as an undergraduate

  • Aug 8 Dutch battle fleet of 23 ships demands surrender of NYC
  • Aug 9 Dutch under Admiral Cornelis Evertsen de Jonge recapture NY from English; regained by English in 1674
  • Aug 21 King Louis XIV donates 600 books to found the library of L'Académie française
  • Aug 21 Sea battle at Kijkduin: De Ruyter defeats English & French fleet
  • Aug 30 Leopold I, Spain, Netherlands & Lutherans form anti-French covenant
  • Sep 12 Prince William of Orange occupies Naarden
  • Nov 9 English King Charles II dismisses Earl of Shaftesbury
  • Nov 11 Second Battle of Khotyn in the Ukraine, Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth forces under the command of Jan Sobieski. defeat the Ottoman army. In this battle, rockets of Kazimierz Siemienowicz were successfully used.
  • Nov 12 Dutch troops under William of Orange occupy Bonn

Appointment of Interest

Nov 13 Christopher Wren is appointed architect for the rebuilding of St Paul's Cathedral in London by King Charles II [1]