Events in History in 1676

  • Jan 29 Feodor III succeeds his father and becomes Tsar of Russia
  • Feb 10 Wampanoag Indians under King Philip kill all men in Lancaster Mass

Historic Event

Feb 15 Isaac Newton writes to Robert Hooke “If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants” (O.S. 5 Feb)

  • Apr 18 Sudbury, Massachusetts, attacked by Indians
  • Apr 22 Battle of Etna - Netherlands and Spain vs France, M de Ruyter fatally wounded
  • May 10 Bacon's Rebellion begins, frontiersmen vs Virginia government

Battle of Öland

Jun 1 Battle of Öland: allied Danish-Dutch forces defeat the Swedish navy in the Baltic Sea, during the Scanian War (1675–79)

  • Jun 2 Battle at Palermo: French beats Dutch and Spanish fleet
  • Jun 11 Battle at Öland: Danish & Dutch fleet under CM Tromp beats Sweden
  • Jul 29 Nathaniel Bacon declared a rebel for assembling frontiersmen to protect settlers from Indians
  • Aug 3 Nathaniel Bacon publishes "Declaration of People of Virginia"
  • Aug 12 1st war between American colonists & Indians ends in New England
  • Sep 19 Rebels under Nathaniel Bacon set Jamestown, Virginia on fire
  • Sep 21 Benedetto Odescalchi elected as Pope Innocent XI
  • Oct 27 Poland & Turkey sign Peace of Warsaw
  • Nov 3 Kara Mustafa succeeds Ahmed Kiprulu as Turkish grand vizier
  • Nov 16 1st colonial prison organized in Nantucket, Massachusetts
  • Dec 3 Battle of Lund (Scanian War): Swedish army of 8,000 defeats much larger joint Danish/Dutch force of 13,000
  • Dec 4 Battle of Lund: A Danish army under the command of King Christian V of Denmark engages the Swedish army commanded by Field Marshal Simon Grundel-Helmfelt