Events in History in 1680

  • Mar 22 Parliament of Breisach accepts French sovereignty over Elzas
  • Jul 8 The first confirmed tornado in America kills a servant at Cambridge, Massachusetts
  • Aug 10 Tewa medicine man, Popé, leads the Pueblo Rebellion against Spanish colonizers in the New Mexican Province, killing 400 and driving out another 2,000
  • Aug 21 Pueblo Indians takes possession of Santa Fé in the New Mexican Province, from Spanish
  • Sep 26 Tax revolt in Gorinchem due to tax on cereal
  • Nov 14 Gottfried Kirch discovers the Great Comet of 1680 (Kirch's Comet/Newton's Comet)
  • Dec 4 Hen in Rome lays a uniquely patterned egg, later believed to have predicted the arrival of the Kirch/Newton "Great Comet of 1680"
  • Dec 15 Tax revolt on Terschelling due to tax on cereal