Events in History in 1686

Historic Publication

Apr 4 English King James II publishes his Declaration of Indulgence

  • May 4 Municipality of Ilagan is founded in the Philippines
  • Jul 9 Germany, Sweden and Spain sign anti-French League of Augsburg
  • Jul 17 A meeting takes place at Lüneburg between several Protestant powers in order to discuss the formation of an 'evangelical' league of defense, called the 'Confederatio Militiae Evangelicae', against the Catholic League.
  • Jul 22 City of Albany, NY chartered
  • Aug 18 Giovanni Cassini reports seeing a satellite orbiting Venus
  • Sep 2 Habsburg armies take Buda from Turks
  • Nov 18 Charles Francois Felix operates on King Louis XIV of France's anal fistula after practising the surgery on several peasants.

Historic Event

Dec 19 Robinson Crusoe leaves his island after 28 years (as per Daniel Defoe's famous novel)