On This Day

Events in History in 1691

  • Jan 18 English King William III travels to The Hague
  • Feb 17 Thomas Neale granted English patent for American postal service
  • Apr 9 French troops occupy Mons
  • Jun 12 Pope Innocent XII succeeds Alexander VIII
  • Jul 12 Antonio Pignatelli elected as Pope Innocentius XII
  • Jul 12 Battle of Aughrim (Aghrim) Ireland, William III beats James II
  • Jul 22 Battle at Aghrim: English/Dutch army beats France
  • Aug 16 Yorktown, Virginia founded
  • Aug 19 Battle at Szalankemen: Austrians beat Turks
  • Sep 17 Massachusetts Bay Colony granted new charter
  • Oct 3 English & Dutch army occupies Limerick Ireland
  • Oct 17 New royal charter for Massachusetts, now including Maine, Plymouth
  • Dec 4 Emperor Leopold I takes control of Transsylvania
  • Dec 4 Spanish king Carlos II names Maximilian II viceroy of Southern Netherlands