Events in History in 1699

  • Jan 14 Massachusetts holds day of fasting for wrongly persecuting "witches"
  • Jan 26 Venice, Poland & Austria sign Treaty of Karlowitz with Ottoman Empire, ending the Great Turkish War (1683-97) - 1st time Ottomans concede significant territory
  • Feb 4 350 rebellious Streltsi executed in Moscow
  • Mar 4 Jews are expelled from Lübeck, Germany
  • Apr 14 Khalsa: Birth of Khalsa, the brotherhood of the Sikh religion, in Northern India in accordance with the Nanakshahi calendar
  • Jun 11 England, France & Netherlands agree on 2nd Extermination Treaty of Spain

Pirate Defeat

Jul 6 Pirate Captain William Kidd is captured in Boston

Historic Expedition

Aug 6 HMS Roebuck, captained by William Dampier, lands at Shark Bay, Western Australia on the first British scientific expedition to Australia

  • Sep 22 People of Rotterdam strike over high cost of butter
  • Nov 22 Treaty of Preobrasjensku Denmark, Russia, Saksen and Poland divide Sweden
  • Dec 3 Baron Jacob Hop appointed treasurer-general of the Hague

Event of Interest

Dec 20 Russian Tsar Peter the Great ordered Russian New Year changed from Sept 1 to Jan 1