Events in History in 1702

Queen Anne

Mar 8 James II's daughter Anne Stuart becomes Queen of England, Scotland and Ireland following the death of William III

  • Mar 11 1st English daily newspaper "Daily Courant" publishes
  • Mar 21 Queen Anne addresses English parliament
  • Apr 20 Comet C/1702 H1 approaches within 0.0437 AUs of Earth
  • Apr 23 Queen Anne is crowned at Westminster Abbey, London
  • May 14 England & Netherlands declare war on France & Spain

Event of Interest

May 14 Great Northern War: Swedish troops under King Charles XII occupy Warsaw, Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth

  • May 22 Commission for the first Census of Iceland issued - first modern census, carried out by Professor Árni Magnússon and Vice Chancellor Páll Vídalín (1702-3) [1]
  • Jul 19 Great Northern War: Swedish troops under King Charles XII occupy Krakow, Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth
  • Aug 19 -24] Battle at Santa Marta Venz: English fleet beat French
  • Sep 16 Emperor Leopold I declares war on France, Cologne & Bavaria
  • Oct 7 British & Dutch troops under Marlborough occupy Roermond
  • Oct 13 Dutch and English troops occupy Liège
  • Oct 23 Battle of Bay of Vigo: Dutch & English fleet destroy & occupy Spanish silver fleet & French squadron
  • Oct 27 British troops plunder St Augustine, Florida
  • Dec 14 The Forty-seven Ronin (leaderless samurai), under the command of Ōishi Kuranosuke, avenge the death of their master in Japan