Events in History in 1721

Historic Event

Jan 25 Tsar Peter the Great ends Russian-orthodox patriarchy

  • Mar 9 British Chancellor Exchequer John Aislabie confined in London Tower
  • Mar 27 France & Spain sign Treaty of Madrid

Historic Event

Apr 3 Robert Walpole becomes Britain's 1st Lord of the Treasury - effective Prime Minister, although that term was never officially used (indeed, it was considered an insult) until much later

  • May 8 Michelangiolo dei Conti succeeds Pope Clement XI, as Innocent XIII
  • May 25 John Copson becomes America's 1st insurance agent
  • May 29 South Carolina formally incorporated as a royal colony
  • Jun 13 England signs Treaty of Madrid
  • Jun 26 Dr Zabdiel Boylston gives 1st smallpox inoculations in America
  • Aug 30 Russian and Swedish sign Treaty of Nystad, ending North Sea War
  • Oct 22 Tsar Peter the Great becomes "All-Russian Imperator"
  • Nov 1 Prince Eugenius of Savoye unveals statue of himself