Events in History in 1731

  • Jan 10 Charles Farnese becomes Duke of Parma and Piacenza
  • Mar 5 Mission San Francisco de la Espada, first of the San Antonio missions, reestablished by Spanish missionaries on the bank of the San Antonio River [1]
  • Mar 16 Treaty of Vienna signed by Prince Eugene of Savoy, Count Sinzendorf and Count Gundacker, Thomas Stahremberg and the British envoy to Vienna, Sir Thomas Robinson.
  • Mar 24 Jerome (aka Hieronimus) de Salis naturalised as British by Act of Parliamentary.
  • Apr 9 British mariner Robert Jenkins' ear cut off by Spanish Guarde Costa in the Caribbean, later catalyst for war between Britain & Spain
  • May 28 All Hebrew books in Papal State are confiscated

Appointment of Interest

Jun 24 Freemason and Mayor of Philadelphia William Allen is appointed Provincial Grand Master of Pennsylvania, the first and youngest Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania

Jonathan Edwards First Sermon

Jul 8 Theologian Jonathan Edwards preaches his sermon "God Glorified in Man's Dependence" in Boston, later his first published sermon

  • Jul 22 Spain signs Treaty of Vienna
  • Sep 3 William IV Prince of Orange installed asStadtholder of Friesland

Event of Interest

Nov 8 In Philadelphia, Benjamin Franklin opens 1st library in the north American colonies, the Library Company of Philadelphia

  • Nov 30 Beijing hit by an earthquake; about 100,000 die
  • Dec 22 Dutch people revolt against meat tax