Events in History in 1744

  • Feb 8 French and Spanish fleet leave Toulon
  • Feb 9 Battle at Toulon (French/Spanish vs English fleet of Adm Matthews)
  • Feb 22 Battle of Toulon or Battle of Cape Sicié: British vs. French & Spanish fleet
  • Mar 11 English auction house Sotheby's holds its first ever auction (of books) in London
  • Mar 15 French King Louis XV declares war on Britain
  • May 17 French army takes Austrian Netherlands
  • May 31 French troops conquer Kortrijk
  • Jun 6 France and Prussia sign peace treaty
  • Sep 30 France and Spain defeat the Kingdom of Sardinia at the Battle of Madonna dell'Olmo.
  • Nov 24 John Carteret resigns as British Secretary of State for the Northern Department
  • Nov 25 Austrian forces pillage & kill Jews of Prague

Scientific Discovery

Dec 31 English astronomer James Bradley announces discovery of Earth's nutation motion (wobble)